Being Love in Donation

There’s something very Sacred in fully surrendering yourself at service of Love and Being the very own Presence of Light, in ACTION!

English subtitles available!

🌟 Everything we do as Sangha is done in Love, through Love and for Love. As a Body of Light, we update our blog and social media on a daily basis, so that you may join us on the Golden Walk Project and become this Light in action.

♻️ In Love, we bring into being uncountable activities that anchor your Presence here, such as Satsangs, Collective Assistances, meditations, prayer vigils, courses, classes and so many others. This work of Light is offered mostly for free within a constant movement, an intense exchange of energy, which flows freely in the frequency of Love and Service.

“My mission here is to awaken what has always been in your heart; it is to awaken you to the best of yourself.”

– y. Saulo

💵 On this Walk, the financial resources play the role of allowing the materialization of this Project on planet Earth. The monetary donation is the manifest energy of Love in Action; in donA(c)tion. It is the return of the Light in the cyclical process of giving and receiving.

💌 Dakshina: a ‘financial gift’ offered spontaneously to a Spiritual Master in gratitude for the teachings and blessings. When given in Love, with no expectation or obligation, the blessing’s power is enhanced and strengthened.

We appreciate your donA(c)tion and remind you that it is not, by any means, mandatory.

🤲🏻 If you felt this Love in Action in your heart and wish to donate, speak directly to Suely here 👉🏽

It’s possible to make a donation through the Picpay app on following link 👉🏽 donate to The Golden Walk project or scanning the Qrcode below:

💳 You can also donate through PayPal 👉🏽

♾ If you wish to donate in other ways for the construction of something way greater, we make ourselves available for you ♾

A profound reverence to your Presence! 🙏🏼