Emotional Healing Tool – Using the Gold Light Every Day 🔥🔱

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The Platinum-Gold egregore has presented us with a spiritual tool so we connect ourselves to the Platinum-Gold Ray, The Ray of Oneness.

Tool for dissolving emotional suffering

Through the living knowledge, Saulo tells us that it’s possible to realize the dissolution of emotional sufferings at any time, at any situation, at any place.

1) visualize/imagine the Platinum-Gold Ray, a solar ray, coming through the top of your head (the 9th chakra, the Star of the Soul) and filling up all your body;

2) you’ll do 3 profound breathings through your nose with your hands over your heart (heart chakra); you are Sun filled;

3) remember the situation/feeling that needs to be dissolved as it’s a story, or movie. Usually the pain is store in your heart;

4) literally down this suffering with your own Solar-Light-goldened hands to the pit of your stomach (Solar Plexus chakra); inhale consciously;

5) this way, we’ll be executing now 3 conscious breathings as it follows: when inhaling/exhaling through your nose, visualize/imagine the coming in and out through the pit of your stomach (Solar Plexus chakra). Visualize/imagine the solar plexus as a filter where the air comes in bringing all that needs to get inside, and comes out taking all that needs to be released until all air leaves your body completely. 3 times are enough for each cycle;

6) Be grateful.

Release then your anxiety. Anger. Frustration. Release everything that doesn’t need to be there. Release a day-to-day situation that makes you lose your temper; a boss, someone is your family, something that happened and put you out of control. Each and every knot in your stomach can be worked on with this tool. Keep yourself as an observer of this situation as it a movie scene, or a play. Release yourself from inferior patterns of thought-forms.

Feel the peace taking over your entire body and be the Love in oneness here and now and get in touch with this Oneness frequency that you already are!

– Saulo!

Hilarion channeling

25 QW HY

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Loved ones,

May the Light of Truth shine on your eyes so you disclose the veils of this reality.

I come to inform that the Satsangs have had an effect on the unawakened population way deeper than it can possibly be inferred.

In our primary planning the placed expectation was of 50%+1 of world’s population to perform the planetary ascension.

Today this will happen with 21% of the population that will awake and the ones that’s already awaken.

The reason behind it is the awareness induction by group connection practices such as ones done in several groups aware of the truth beyond 3D.

To make this process pretty evident, the modification of the collective under-conscience goes by √1% of total population of a place.

If through this number, that’s considered infinitely small, establishes frequent connections to egregores of Divine Light then it will get evident the factors of needed numerical diminishing (50%+1 to 21%) for the Ascension.


(Channeled on July 17, 2018 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Lusec channeling

TW 12 HV

Loved ones,

In a few days we will perform a change in the toroidal field of the stellar sphere you all know as the Sun.

We have an urge to this labor eyeing to forestall the process and the Days.

There will be an energetic turbulence on the noosphere of its Orbe.

We ask for care, presence of soul and patience with all your fellow brothers.

Much of the so-called psychic garbage will be revolved by properly quantized solar-wind waves and the irritation and violence in all the mental and emotional spheres of the inhabitants of this planet will be affected.

Therefore you should check your own conscience whether the words must be really said or texts should be really exposed.

Lusec, White and Violet Ray

(Channeled on July 13, 2018 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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