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Who we are and what we do as a Sangha:

Hi!! 👋🏽 Thank you for your interest in finding out more about us. It has been a pleasure for us to share everything we promote here in Sangha Platina Solaris. We did it specially for you not to have any doubts about this Project of Higher-Love. We ask your attention so that all gets crystal clear to you! 😉

“But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.” John, 3:21

We are a group of light, focused on the Awakening and Expansion of Consciousness. We have online and presential meetings, in order to promote self-consciousness and self-fulfilment. We do that through meditations, on meetings in Satsang (learn what is satsang here), Spiritualized ceremonies, courses, picnics, the practice of Yoga and physical exercises, as well as other activities.

We work on the physical/mental/emotional and spiritual bodies all together, because they are all the same thing, aren’t they? We reference what we do on the Vedas, OSHO, Great White Brotherhood, Christianism, Buddhism, Hinduism and all that is Holy and wouldn’t fit in here.

We are on an intense, large scale expansion of our work! Every week we have meetings in Satsang and/or meditations. We have been in São Paulo, Búzios, Arraial do Cabo, Cabo Frio and soon we will be in Florianópolis and Rio das Ostras. Would you like to have us in your city? Get in touch with us right here.

About the Sangha’s name: Platina Solaris!

Our group is called Sangha (which in Sanskrit means “spiritual group with a purpose”) Platina (because of the Platinum frequency of light we work with) Solaris (reference to our Solar Fleet of Light and Love, the People of the Sun). Our spiritual work is intimately linked to the Humankind Awakening and Ascension of the Planet. We are the Sangha Platina Solaris!

Do not confuse: spiritual x religious!

We are not and in no way want to be a religion, doctrine or anything alike. We are here in love, being the love and representing the love. Many Masters have come to this world and left their teachings. It’s about time for us to put most of them into practice so that we can have a worldwide expansion of consciousness. We respect all your dogmas and creeds and invite you to find your true self. Do you accept the challenge? To find out who you really, really are?

Manifesting who we are: going deep

We are spiritually committed to the LIGHT, and we are seriously engaged on the manifesting the Platinum-Gold Ray energy – the Ray of Oneness – Omnipotence e Recreation.

This Platinum Ray (which is a Stellar Frequency of Light!) is available to all of us, through the anchoring of a huge Energetic Portal with Omega Regenesis energy, which we maintain and work on daily: the Betel Portal. (Learn more about the Portal and the arrival of the frequency on this link)

Within this Divine Purpose of Real Awakening, we have, in parallel, the anchoring of the Metatronic energy on the Planet – or the Platinum Ray -, and the rise of Mother-Earth.  (Learn who Metatron is here)

Who “signs” this project nowadays?

I am Love.
And if I manifest Love, the frequency
that I send out is Love. And only
what is Love comes to me. Because I am.”
  • Two other consciences work hard on developing Healers, New Healers and the Sacred Feminine of the Sangha: the conscience Angélica, and the conscience Kirtana [who is Sannyasin and has lived with OSHO, in India] (image below).
“The reaching of the rainbow of the
multicolored manifestations of the self.”
“My dedication heals,
my speech silences,
my silence overflows,
my movement creates.”
  • Italma, divine Presence manifesting Here and Now in tune with the divine love and the great heart that live within us all. Italma is currently projecting herself inward and discovering her real divine essence of being, thus disconnecting herself of Maya’s veils that still bring the illusion of duality. She is currently the Leader of the Spearhead (Group of Healers of Sangha, incarnate and discarnate) and the entire egregore of light involved in the Awakening of the New Era. (image below)
“I manifest myself here and now, so that the energy in light and love
generates the energy needed for self-perception.” Italma
  • Mateus nowadays commands the Sangha’s subgroup called Unity of Love (volunteer corps) and also the Physical Body Group: “a new body for a New Era”. He also works with Pilates and helps out with everything in the Sangha. He believes that every time we are kind and treat people and situations with love, everything changes around us. (image below)
“When we are kind,
everything changes around us.”
  • Bruno nowadays commands the Group of Channels of Sangha: a group of people with energetic sensitivity, the so-called “mediums”. The group is made of people in different degrees of mediumship and different ages, with experience or not. He is a physics teacher, holistic therapist, facilitator of self-knowledge and self-mastery courses, and benzer. Besides, he coordenates the ceremonies of Triple and Sevenfold Flame, which are vehicles of conection and expansion of the Divine Light related to the process of Planetary Ascension. (image below)
“I coordenate the ceremonies of Triple and Sevenfold Flame,
which are vehicles of conection and expansion of the Divine Light
related to the process of Planetary Ascension.”
Bruno Munhoz
  • Frederico, the beloved Fred: he is on the process of recognizing his Divine Essence and rescuing his original frequency. Currently, he assists on the promotion of activities of the Sangha, as well as the maintenance of the blog, YouTube channel and virtual library. Fred also helps with the translation of messages and communications of the Gold-Platinum Egregore. (image below)
Recognizing myself in the Divine Essence
and rescuing the original frequency.”
  • Other people actively participate on the Sangha, helping with administration, finance, technology, marketing, health, and many other activities. We are enormously grateful for that! Without you, we most likely would not be at the speed we are today.

The Platinum Ray and The Keys of Enoch:

Our work is strictly related to the Key 210 from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. Time urges, workers of the light need to be awaken and our mission has just begun! (At any moment you can ask us for the PDF file of the book; or you can arrange the purchase on the Academy for the Future Science)

[Suggestion] Take 30 minutes from your day. We lovingly recorded the Key 210 to you and made it available as it follows, isn’t it great?! (Watch the video and read the key 210 here)

More than bound to the Solaris Fleet, from Orion – we are known as the New Jerusalem Command; we are this army-of-light itself, in action, and we bring more and more light to where there are shadows and darkness.

What is the New Jerusalem?

“It’s the Spiritual Israel, a people that’s not adhered to one single tradition of prophecy, neither working with a Alpha-Omega cosmology; Israel is the People of all great dimensions of the mind of the Father.” [extract from Key 210 from the book The Keys of Enoch]

We are everywhere, we have all colors and permeate everything that exists with our conscious existence, in love. Let’s set ourselves free, in order to set free everybody else from the suffering generated by the idea of separation.

Reading suggestion: The Four Keys of Christ to emotional healing

About Sangha Platina Solaris group on Whatsapp:


This group will aid you to better understand the new frequency that is settling on you and on the Planet, the Platinum Ray.


  • 1. Here we share our experiences, feelings and vibrations in terms of phenomena and energetic frequencies that act directly over us and over the planet;
  • 2. If you share something, try to share your own feelings, emotions, personal stories, doubts, angst and experiences for a personal energetic development and consciousness expansion;
  • 3. It’s not allowed to post “Good morning”-like pictures/images or emoticons, self-help chains, channeled messages chains, messages or content that doesn’t bring any personal value and that most of times are just distractions and bulk groups of messages throughout the day.  If you are to share something in our group, be conscious and prefer something authorial. Ask yourself first if it’s worth it or not to be shared (What for and to whom do I want to show this? What’s the function of the message I’m about to send?). No marketing or advertisements, alright?
  • 4. Be ready to vibrate, share and live your own experiences along with the new frequencies of light available to the New Era;
  • 5. We promote presential meetings with meditations & Satsangs every Tuesday from 20h to 22h in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. If you’re somewhere else, you can join us online whenever you like. We announce the transmission link in due time so that we are all together;
  • 6. We offer workshops and courses for personal development and energetic activations, preparing your Being to the New Era in a Conscious way;
  • 7. Only courses offered by the Sangha are promoted, since this is what our purpose is: working in the Platinum Ray, in the heart of each and every one of you, and awaken you in love ❤️;
  • 8. We have a virtual library with many titles in consonance with our purpose of ascension in love and light. Just ask us the link to it;
  • 9. If you’re a “Medium or have manifested spiritual skills” and wish to contribute in any way, we have a Group of Mediums of the Portal and receive channelings of the New Platinum Ray, the Ray of Oneness, through it. Be part of it! You’ll have authorization to see, hear and feel what we do. Everything needs to be cristal clear and totally enlightened, to be validated by the Divine;
  • 10. If you’re a “Healer”, you can help! More than 50% of the Sangha is formed by healers and we constantly need works of light from our brothers and sisters. Are you a Healer? Let us know and make a difference;
  • 11. Are you ready? Be part of this brotherhood of light which has the mission to become GLOBAL:

Link to join Sangha Platina Solaris group on WhatsApp.✨

Sangha G1

Find below our Calendar 🗓 and stay tuned to join us in our events and transmissions:

“If everything is where it is supposed to be and you accept the Divine Grace with Love, you’ll see that everything Is perfect in all its essence. There are no doubts in-between paths, because The two no longer exists and the non-two makes itself Present. The Presence recognizes itself as immutable and just watches the phenomena. There’s nothing else to be done. There’s nowhere else to go; as you already Are your own journey”.

Saulo 🍃

Namastê, dear ones. Namastê.

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