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What elevates your mind is the divine mind. You are busy looking at life in the crystallized images of computers and are lost during the times where you should find yourselves. The encounter with the peace of simply being you, while you feed, live the sun, the moon and the air that is renewing around you.

So many blockages are being removed on a large scale and you insist on placing other small blocks. Unravel yourselves! The truth itself is the pure manifestation of all that is. It is not about desire but about the life happening.

Feel the life and surrender to the truth. Some moments will be disturbing just like in the child when the annoying tooth starts to fall but is still attached to the mouth. However, the tooth that is preparing to descend causes a shock to get rid of the tooth that is still stuck. The shock will happen so that you can let yourself flow.

Unravel yourselves! Take a good care of what is leaving. Thank each step of the walk that has been until here and let yourself go. Be the walk of now, from the inside, in silence; find yourself in the peace of the divine mind. And from there feel the light and distribute the light in each glass of water you offer, in each word you evoke, in each pause you take.

Be the thanksgiving to the truth, to life and so they will transform. And then you will be able to see clearly and divinely where you are going to get.

Mother Light of Higher Love

(Channeled on April 01, 2020 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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Emotional Healing Tool – Using the Gold Light Every Day 🔥🔱

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The Platinum-Gold egregore has presented us with a spiritual tool so we connect ourselves to the Platinum-Gold Ray, The Ray of Oneness.

Tool for dissolving emotional suffering

Through the living knowledge, Saulo tells us that it’s possible to realize the dissolution of emotional sufferings at any time, at any situation, at any place.

1) visualize/imagine the Platinum-Gold Ray, a solar ray, coming through the top of your head (the 9th chakra, the Star of the Soul) and filling up all your body;

2) you’ll do 3 profound breathings through your nose with your hands over your heart (heart chakra); you are Sun filled;

3) remember the situation/feeling that needs to be dissolved as it’s a story, or movie. Usually the pain is store in your heart;

4) literally down this suffering with your own Solar-Light-goldened hands to the pit of your stomach (Solar Plexus chakra); inhale consciously;

5) this way, we’ll be executing now 3 conscious breathings as it follows: when inhaling/exhaling through your nose, visualize/imagine the coming in and out through the pit of your stomach (Solar Plexus chakra). Visualize/imagine the solar plexus as a filter where the air comes in bringing all that needs to get inside, and comes out taking all that needs to be released until all air leaves your body completely. 3 times are enough for each cycle;

6) Be grateful.

Release then your anxiety. Anger. Frustration. Release everything that doesn’t need to be there. Release a day-to-day situation that makes you lose your temper; a boss, someone is your family, something that happened and put you out of control. Each and every knot in your stomach can be worked on with this tool. Keep yourself as an observer of this situation as it a movie scene, or a play. Release yourself from inferior patterns of thought-forms.

Feel the peace taking over your entire body and be the Love in oneness here and now and get in touch with this Oneness frequency that you already are!

– Saulo!

Message from Master Mirian

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Beloved Brethren,

It’s beautiful and transforming your work. We are in love here in spirituality. Today’s orientation is to take a moment to silence and send lots of blue light to our Gaia.

The phalanges of the Blue Ray, the Archangel Michael, Master El Morya are working incessantly. It is necessary to vibrate in the Faith and protection. Many events here in the astral are occurring that affect you. And to maintain the balance of our beloved planet, we count on you.

I leave here all my gratitude, love and tranquility to you. And do not be deceived. Light, goodness, will always prevail, for we are all divine and only love is real.

Vibrate in acceptance, without judgments over others and over oneself. Contemplate the new, the peace, the now.

I will always be with you. We are one. Ask for my help when sorrow overwhelms your beautiful hearts and do not forget to always watch and pray.

Much love,

Master Mirian

(Channeled on December 16, 2018 by Gabriella Bessa – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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Message from Brahma

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Beloved Ones! Brotherhoods in light,

Feel the resumption of consciousness. The doubling of light, the connections and the peace; brief silent pause that will happen before the big event. The pulsation doubling connects you. They put you interconnected so that we can finally communicate the New Age. There will be turbulent moments and remember to pulsate along with the portals in Regenesis. The sun realigns and along with it the intergalactic systems.

You are feeling it on your physical and subtle bodies. Gaia begins her regeneration tomorrow. Concentrate on love and absolutely on love act before Gaia. Om Mane Padme Hum Om Om Om. Ascension is reconnecting to the universe from where you are the whole and the parts as well.

Tomorrow will feel it on a larger scale. Be silent and in oneness throughout the day. This is the bridge. Sound the sounds of the universe calmly. Be as we are in vibration of connection and oneness. Wait for instructions.


(Channeled on December 11, 2018 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Message from Platinum-Gold Guardians

“How much more time will you wait to feel us in your Presence? We are here now and to hear us just uncover your ears.

Simply accept the fact of silence and allow yourself to hear us.”

The Gold Platinum Guardians

By Saulo