Chácara Estrela das Águas, the new home for Sangha’s volunteering in Bahia (+pictures!)

Em Português, aqui.

In the midst of deep integrations with the Light works, in union and horizontality with the local egregores, we received with great love through connections generated between our Channel Team (Sangha’s mediums) and our Council of Regency, information about the energies that are conducting the Be the Bee farm. Be the Bee is the affectionate name we give to our team of volunteers.


With great affection and many blessings, yesterday we signed the contract so that the farm (in Portuguese: chácara), already in our name, may start welcoming the first volunteers. We are located in Barreiras, Bahia!

Contract signed! 🐝
Beach at the famous Rio de Ondas (Waves River)

At the moment, on this date of today’s publication, we are renovating the main headquarters as a support point and we have already planted several species of bananas and sugar cane.

Banana trees and sugar cane. Coming soon: agroforest!

News coming soon!

Work meditation 💪🏼

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