Be a volunteer!

Contribute and take part in community interpersonal dynamics that assist in your spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion.

Be The Bee is the Volunteer Program of #TheGoldenWalk Project, created for all people who wish to experience the opportunity of a real service, in favor of something greater: the collective. The program, created by Sangha Platina Solaris, has several branches, comprising all local sanghas (with external activities, such as visits to hospitals, cleaning beaches and squares, conscious walks, etc.; and internal, with diverse activities in development within the Sangha), and also the Twelve Stations in Alliance with the Divine to be built around the planet.

The volunteer program will be in all these spaces, welcoming people that are willing to contribute to the construction survey, the funcioning of places, maintenance and improvement of the spaces and other diverse activities.

Imagem de uma abelha coletando pólen de uma flor.
Serving happens as in a beehive: we are bees working collectively, from micro to macro and in favor of the Whole.

Into deep integration, Be The Bee volunteers make their knowledge and workforce available to the service of the Light, plunging from the selfless service delivery, into a deep process of self-knowledge and inner healing.

The main proposal of Be The Bee is #WorkMeditation: to be in meditation – to meditate the action – throughout the practice of serving. This means bringing our Presence fully to every action we perform, whether it is preparing a meal, taking care of the garden, cleaning a room or any other task. Volunteers will be continuously participating in specific activities carried out by the local Sangha, such as meditations, satsangs, courses, workshops, immersions, journeys, retreats, etc.

Linked to the practice of #WorkMeditation, the activities developed for volunteers in the program bring deep integration between body, mind and soul, contributing to the personal development and spiritual awakening of each one in service.

Homem cuidando da horta.
André, a volunteer at the Be The Bee program, in work meditation.

“Love in motion is intrinsic to selfless service. When one is just for Being, for wanting to be and do the movement of good, the Flame of Love for Freedom is lit up in the heart.”

Be The Bee – Flor do Alto STATION

Phase I: First constructions

We will meet at our Volunteer Base – a farm located next to the Station, 15km from where the Ashram will take place. The volunteers’ performance, in this phase, will be divided between the demands of the construction of the Ashram – in which the service will be directly with and on earth, in order to raise the space -, and the activities of the Base. In the Farm, the distribution in rooms or tents will happen according to the gradual arrival of new volunteers. The space already has structures such as kitchen and toilet, and soon, there will also be varieties of food growing on the land for inhabitants of the Base to consume.

In this first moment, Sangha’s finance will be focused exclusively on the cost of the first constructions, as well as the basic expenses of operating the spaces. The volunteer will be responsible for the costs of traveling to the Base, where the food supplies will be shared amongst all.

Phase II: Daily life in the Community

The Be The Bee Program at Flor do Alto Station brings balance between work and spiritual practices into everyday life in the community. The workload will follow a dynamic routine, with tasks such as planting, building, cleaning, cooking, caring for children and spaces, as well as activities aimed at Awakening – meditation, satsangs, breathing, conversation circles, music, campfire, mantras, among others.

These activities will vary according to the abilities, interests and even professions of the volunteers, in a way that each one will find where to contribute in this process. In the second phase, the community will already be able to offer accommodation and meals to volunteers. Everything we currently promote in Sangha will be extended to the Station, in an experience available for all.

Click here to check the Executive Project of Rancho Estação Flor do Alto!

Pessoa mostrando pimentão verde diretamente do pé.
Images of our vegetable garden already in production at the Golden Place: Belo Horizonte.

Volunteers in the Be The Bee Program already have their sleeves rolled up and hands right on, contributing, working and developing themselves in specific areas of #TheGoldenWalk.
Join us!

The maximum period to stay at the Station is (up to) 3 consecutive months, following a dynamic that allows each one to choose their own workload. Those who want to dedicate themselves more to work can choose the 6×1 scheme (6 working days for 1 day off), or alternatives such as 3×4, 5×2, 4×3, etc. If the preference is for more days off, there is the option to contribute financially to the expenses of the space, proportionally to the resting days.

The Be The Bee Program will be organized in practice by a Coordination that will act to guide the volunteers, both on the work itself and on everything that involves serving. We will be building it all together!

✔️ Learn and add experiences with everyday life in community 🎁
✔️ Actively participate in the various activities that are offered 🔑
✔️ Allow yourself to contact and expand your inner God ☀️
✔️ Surrender yourself deeply to the mysteries of Serving 🤲🏻✨

Be a volunteer: Be The Bee! 🐝
Talk to Prem Beeja (+55 31 9102-9695).

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