Our Light Body keeps in Intense Motion, in Love

The Sangha Platina Solaris, through its The Golden Walk project, merges in love with unnumbered movements with various frequencies only with the sole purpose of reascend the living flame in the heart of humankind, anchoring a very special energy here in this planet.

“The Presence is Present: rise and walk with the Divine energy, Here. Let us be the Love in Action.”
– y.Saulo

The Being, which inhabits within us, only self-realizes through the movement of transformation and many infinite points of divine essence have already united themselves to this walk forming a large mandala of light to be the love and light in action, touching many hearts.

It’s possible to perceive the Light expansion in its wholeness since the very beginning of the Golden Walk, that took place on September 2019, though the movement has intensified during the quarantine period.

Subtitles available!

Follow-up what’s been realized at this moment:

✔️ Social Networks
• +170M people reached in Brazil and other Latin America countries and almost 70M people interacting with our posts.
• Last week only nearly 13M people reached through our Instagram profile.

✔️ Completed Activities
• More than 296 individual welcoming within our group, among these, 53 face-to-face supportive service and 55 people in profound emotional distress heart-welcomed by our team of Volunteers where we have physicians, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists and other holistic therapists, enabling then the Presence State strengthened in Body and Spirit;
• More than 236 meditations for a deep connection and rebalance over sending of light;
• In love and watch, 512 prayers every 3hrs and 93 prayers every 12 hrs done;
• More than 145 online activities such as Collective Consultation, Workshops on Sacred Oneness (Masculine & Feminine), Satsangs, Studies, Money and new Mankind, Physical activities (Strecthes, Yoga, Dance etc);
• 36+ transmissions of “Grace” blessing;
• 16 courses where 180 new Reiki therapists among overall trainees all for free in Platinum Gold Pink frequency – with a new class also free to be realized next June, 7th.!! – increasing then the Planetary Light coefficient and making real self-healing possibility.

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