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Sangha is the word in Sanskrit for “group with a single purpose”. And our purpose is to be the love in motion. Our group reunited in this time, on 2018, and since then, we realize the service.

“It’s natural being at comand, when we allow ourselves to flow through the unconditionality of love. Loving, with no conditions.” Saulo

The Sangha is of free access to all beings who allow oneselves to get into a profound process of Self Knowledge and Consciousness Awakening. We vibrate in the frequency of Oneness – we are all one! – so, we do not follow any dogmas, because it´s inherent to the Being Awaken one’s Virtues, such as: understanding, service, patience, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion and so forth.

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Following the purpose of the Living God (and you can call it a He or a She as you wish!), in such a surrender that involved his very own existence  of the Original Soul – Y. Saulo, the tutor of the Sangha Platina Solaris began its activities online eand in person in Belo Horizonte, southeast region of Brazil. In the beggining, were revealed many phenomena in meditations and Satsangs in his living room and next it became natural to the group, the idea of following in the flow of charity and compassion, in profound intent of expansion.
The Movement then intensified and expanded initially to the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Currently, we act with people of the Sangha in a variation of States in Brasil and border countries in Latin America such as Argentina and Chile. We are also represented in countries such as Ireland, England, Germany, Portugal,  United States, Spain among others.
On September 2019, in the City of Armação dos Búzios (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), we launched the Worldwide Project The Golden Walk, announcing The New Era to all humankind. The Golden Walk grips on reigniting in the heart of humankind the Living Flame of Love in Motion, boosting the “karma yogi” spirit in each one of us:  revealing to us then, a profound self-mastery.

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From that clear point on how we act, we develop several free Collective & Individual Attending, more than hundreds of Satsangs and Speechs recorded in video, uncountable Meditations, Tools for the Mind/ Body/ Spirit and also the creation of many Groups of Liberation of Suffering – with outstanding results in pattern disrupture. We recently acted on forming hundreds of new Reiki therapists for free, raising the Planet’s Light coefficient and a real possibility of self healing. We have over 500 in content in our channels in YouTube and Spotify.
We share an online weekly calendar with activities such as Satsangs, Blessings Transmission (Grace!), Prayers to the Shelter, Dances, Meetings of Divine Feminine, Masculine and the Divine of Oneness; Light and Healing sending, Maranata Meditations, Ho’oponopono, Morning Stretching exercises, besides tips and guides on Women Health, Sexuality in Awareness, Tips of the Good and the Messages from the Heart – which bring to our daily routine reflections over the Consciousness in Life and so much more! It´s all available in our online channels and social media.
On our outdoor activities, besides Retreats in a Profound Spirituality immersion, we  weekly offer Reiki sessions free of charge. Biweekly we visit Hospitals, offer Holistic Healing Sessions for free to People with Cancer and we monthly practice Yoga at the beach, we promote Walks in Awareness with Garbage Collection, Campaigns for gathering Donation to Orphanages and Elderly Shelters, Blood Donation, Talks in Circles and there is so much more yet to come. Do you feel it in your heart you have something to contribute?
It´s worth reminding that in this Intense Planetary Ascension Movement, we are heart-warmingly aiding people in Profound Emotional Suffering through our team of Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Holistic Therapists; what enables us in a State of Presence  and fortified  in a Bodily Spirit, to offer Trust and Serenity over this incredible and yet delicate moment in the history of humankind.
We are one Great United Family in Love and we invite you to be part of this amazing Golden Walk and actively participate in this Great Project that The Father set up for Us. May we be The Love in Motion and the Light in Action.

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Our next Retreat is on October 2020, in Brazil. More info in this link.

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