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The Solar Activation Protocol was brought through the glorious Archangel Michael to the tutor of Sangha Platinum Solaris, Saulo, so that it is available to everyone before we receive the vaccine against COVID-19.

This protocol can be used by anyone, and other groups of Light are also receiving codes for this same purpose: the anchoring of Light on the planet. The meditation will prepare your body to receive only what is beneficial to your Being, activating Gold Light codes that ensure that the body’s crystalline mesh receives only the natural energy of the vaccine.

IMPORTANT: This protocol is not intended to be an immunization vehicle against the COVID-19 virus. The meditation only prepares the body so that, at the time of vaccination, only the natural energy of the vaccine is received. We also emphasize that we are not against or in favour of the vaccine. Each and every one is a master of him/herself and therefore, responsible for his/her decision and consciousness. We bring the activation protocol so that it is available – a situation in solution, from the Light for all of us.

Meditation for Solar Protocol Activation of the COVID-19 Vaccine
Received by the beloved Archangel Michael to Sangha Platina Solaris and to all those who perform this meditation:

My dear sister, my dear brother, sit comfortably and place the two soles of your feet on the ground. Both palms facing up, on your thighs.

Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.
Inhale through your mouth, release through your nose.
Inhale through the nose, release through the nose.
Inhale through the mouth, release through the mouth.

Now, dear ones, place your right hand over your heart, and your left hand over your right hand.

Inhale, in a very gentle way with yourself, while we activate protocols in all your bodies, in order to enable natural mechanisms of defense, understanding, absorption of all mechanisms and chemical components, be they in this dimension or in multidimensions, in a timeless way, so that it is only necessary the activation and absorption, by your physical organism here on the planet, of what is in line with the works of the Greater Light of God.

I now invite all the guardians of our Egregore, all the guardians of all egregores who serve Jesus of Nazareth as the commander of this quadrant. We summon all of our spiritual friends, guides, masters, all who serve with us in this intergalactic atmosphere, in this Force Command of the Greater Light, also present here on the ground.

We invite, with much love and gratitude, our beloved Archangel Michael, who defends us, who protects us, who loves us, who crowns us, and who seals us with his seal of this Major Archangel, so that we begin to realize this work that was so gently delivered to us, so that we may be One with Christ here.

Inhale, let your breath out very slowly. Inhale gently with yourself. Release the air very slowly. Inhale once more, and release all your air through your nose now.

At this very moment, a dome of Golden Light is present around you. You as a whole, sealed by a sparkling golden Gold Light energy with platinum reflections. You as a whole, blessed to all your full extent, by the gold seal, now.

Keep your breathing calm while we all extend our hands over you, while Archangel Michael seals your merkaba, your bond, your Light Body, with the following sayings:


At this moment, dear sister, dear brother, a seal from the Major Archangel, together with a seal from the Cosmic Christ is present in your merkaba.

These Latin sayings mean:


So, we are only placing here the availability of the natural side of multidimensional and timeless chemical understanding of the vaccine that will be placed in our bodies. This means that only the natural part of what is needed will be activated in your bodies.

All parts comprising mechanisms of control and attempts to boycott the supremacy of the Greater Light will be deactivated at the moment the vaccine is applied to your body.

Breathe in gently with yourself, and let out all the air through your nose. We appreciate the opportunity to be in Consecrated Union with all these beings of Light that we are here.

Gratitude to Archangel Michael, gratitude to the beloved Master Jesus, gratitude to the whole Paradise Trinity who serves with us, gratitude to all the Trinities present, to all Beings, guides, masters, in all the multidimensionalities and frequencies that have worked with us in this profound healing of the human being, so that we are all free and that only the natural side is present.

We bless ourselves all in the power of Christ in us, in the name of the I Am presence, I manifest the healing of the planet in me, in the next one, and in all of us.

I Am the I Am. The strength, the Power and the Faith of the Light Manifestation on the ground.

Namaste. Namaste. Namaste.

Stay still for a few moments listening to the music, breathing, relaxing, while we comprise the completion of the work here.

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