Chácara Estrela das Águas, the new home for Sangha’s volunteering in Bahia (+pictures!)

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In the midst of deep integrations with the Light works, in union and horizontality with the local egregores, we received with great love through connections generated between our Channel Team (Sangha’s mediums) and our Council of Regency, information about the energies that are conducting the Be the Bee farm. Be the Bee is the affectionate name we give to our team of volunteers.


With great affection and many blessings, yesterday we signed the contract so that the farm (in Portuguese: chácara), already in our name, may start welcoming the first volunteers. We are located in Barreiras, Bahia!

Contract signed! 🐝
Beach at the famous Rio de Ondas (Waves River)

At the moment, on this date of today’s publication, we are renovating the main headquarters as a support point and we have already planted several species of bananas and sugar cane.

Banana trees and sugar cane. Coming soon: agroforest!

News coming soon!

Work meditation 💪🏼

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🇧🇷 Em português, aqui.

The Solar Activation Protocol was brought through the glorious Archangel Michael to the tutor of Sangha Platinum Solaris, Saulo, so that it is available to everyone before we receive the vaccine against COVID-19.

This protocol can be used by anyone, and other groups of Light are also receiving codes for this same purpose: the anchoring of Light on the planet. The meditation will prepare your body to receive only what is beneficial to your Being, activating Gold Light codes that ensure that the body’s crystalline mesh receives only the natural energy of the vaccine.

IMPORTANT: This protocol is not intended to be an immunization vehicle against the COVID-19 virus. The meditation only prepares the body so that, at the time of vaccination, only the natural energy of the vaccine is received. We also emphasize that we are not against or in favour of the vaccine. Each and every one is a master of him/herself and therefore, responsible for his/her decision and consciousness. We bring the activation protocol so that it is available – a situation in solution, from the Light for all of us.

Meditation for Solar Protocol Activation of the COVID-19 Vaccine
Received by the beloved Archangel Michael to Sangha Platina Solaris and to all those who perform this meditation:

My dear sister, my dear brother, sit comfortably and place the two soles of your feet on the ground. Both palms facing up, on your thighs.

Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.
Inhale through your mouth, release through your nose.
Inhale through the nose, release through the nose.
Inhale through the mouth, release through the mouth.

Now, dear ones, place your right hand over your heart, and your left hand over your right hand.

Inhale, in a very gentle way with yourself, while we activate protocols in all your bodies, in order to enable natural mechanisms of defense, understanding, absorption of all mechanisms and chemical components, be they in this dimension or in multidimensions, in a timeless way, so that it is only necessary the activation and absorption, by your physical organism here on the planet, of what is in line with the works of the Greater Light of God.

I now invite all the guardians of our Egregore, all the guardians of all egregores who serve Jesus of Nazareth as the commander of this quadrant. We summon all of our spiritual friends, guides, masters, all who serve with us in this intergalactic atmosphere, in this Force Command of the Greater Light, also present here on the ground.

We invite, with much love and gratitude, our beloved Archangel Michael, who defends us, who protects us, who loves us, who crowns us, and who seals us with his seal of this Major Archangel, so that we begin to realize this work that was so gently delivered to us, so that we may be One with Christ here.

Inhale, let your breath out very slowly. Inhale gently with yourself. Release the air very slowly. Inhale once more, and release all your air through your nose now.

At this very moment, a dome of Golden Light is present around you. You as a whole, sealed by a sparkling golden Gold Light energy with platinum reflections. You as a whole, blessed to all your full extent, by the gold seal, now.

Keep your breathing calm while we all extend our hands over you, while Archangel Michael seals your merkaba, your bond, your Light Body, with the following sayings:


At this moment, dear sister, dear brother, a seal from the Major Archangel, together with a seal from the Cosmic Christ is present in your merkaba.

These Latin sayings mean:


So, we are only placing here the availability of the natural side of multidimensional and timeless chemical understanding of the vaccine that will be placed in our bodies. This means that only the natural part of what is needed will be activated in your bodies.

All parts comprising mechanisms of control and attempts to boycott the supremacy of the Greater Light will be deactivated at the moment the vaccine is applied to your body.

Breathe in gently with yourself, and let out all the air through your nose. We appreciate the opportunity to be in Consecrated Union with all these beings of Light that we are here.

Gratitude to Archangel Michael, gratitude to the beloved Master Jesus, gratitude to the whole Paradise Trinity who serves with us, gratitude to all the Trinities present, to all Beings, guides, masters, in all the multidimensionalities and frequencies that have worked with us in this profound healing of the human being, so that we are all free and that only the natural side is present.

We bless ourselves all in the power of Christ in us, in the name of the I Am presence, I manifest the healing of the planet in me, in the next one, and in all of us.

I Am the I Am. The strength, the Power and the Faith of the Light Manifestation on the ground.

Namaste. Namaste. Namaste.

Stay still for a few moments listening to the music, breathing, relaxing, while we comprise the completion of the work here.

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Em português, aqui.

In the name of the Pure Presence I Am and of all who Are, in Communion with the Sublime State, the Source here. Brothers of Christ, for Christ, in Christ and with Christ, I bring you a humble message at this such special Christmas time, already in a New Age.

My sister, my brother: let yourself be guided by the Christmas Star, the one who moves towards the birth of his/her own inner Christ: The Holy Personal Christ. A Deep Love is made available again, like a Solar visit that is offered to us in a profound deconstruction of the Self. What is incarnated, my beloved ones, is the Word – which never started and will never end, and so it is with all those who are born from themselves – alpha and omega – in
a deep cycle, so that the Purity Reigns in everyone again.

Within what we practice in sangha, Being Love in Motion is to keep the Energy of Christ in you without explanation, as the Living Fruit of the Continuity of Divine Essence in all of us. We will only practice the Parables of Servitude, of what is this loving in motion, Being the Light in Action.

Just as it is the observation of which Fruits will sprout from each Fig tree, so it is the Christ Himself with you too: He brings you the constant opportunity to flourish, so that the Fruits of your planting sprout in merits, in deep Love. There is no other fruit of intention to harvest, but the intention and the action itself.

At this moment, I AM the welcome you in all of us in the love of God, in a scribble drawn even though in a dual way in human perception, but in a surrender of such a Deep Love of God in us, that it is only possible to feel in your heart – deciding to be guided by the Christmas Star that Shines in the highest of the Heavens, in a Walk of Pure Divine Light – the Golden Walk -, towards the Offer that is Given to Us: the Pure Recognition of the Flame that burns in you and also burns in Me, in this birth in recognition of the Son of God that we are.

Solar Year. Year of the Truth. A year such of Real Birth: a Star resurfaces in Heaven to remind all of us that we were never alone. A New Flower-Star in Soil was also planted by us, the first of Twelve Stations. In several Worlds, the life of that Savior is celebrated, because to celebrate is to remember heaven (in Portuguese, celebrar (se lembrar do céu): céu=heaven + lembrar=remember).

Celebrate, then, in Your Heart, the Covenant between the many Abodes of the Father’s Houses and the Humanity, again. That’s why we are, here.

Make your heart a Manger, the Star your Guide and Treat yourself with Compassion, Gratitude and Living Life; so that the remembrance of All Virtues Seeds Planted by God in us is born.

In the Name of the Paradise Trinity, we all bless ourselves and all humanity.

Saulo and Family

Sangha Platina Solaris
Christmas 2020

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In English here.

Em nome da Pura Presença Eu Sou e de todos os que São, em Comunhão ao Estado Sublime, a Fonte aqui. Irmãos de Cristo, pelo Cristo, em Cristo e com Cristo, trago a vós uma humilde mensagem nessa época tão especial de Natal, já em uma Nova Era.

Minha irmã, meu irmão: deixai-se guiar pela Estrela do Natal, aquele que se move em direção ao nascimento do próprio Cristo interno: O Santo Cristo Pessoal.

Um Profundo Amor é disponibilizado novamente, como uma visita Solar que nos é ofertada em profunda desconstrução do Eu. O que se encarna, meus amados, é o Verbo – o qual nunca teve início e nunca terá fim, e assim também é com todos aqueles que nascem de si mesmos – alfa e ômega – em um profundo ciclo, a fim de que a Pureza Reine em todos novamente.

Dentro do que praticamos em sangha, Ser O Amor em Movimento é guardar sem explicação a Energia do Cristo em vós, como O Fruto Vivo da Continuidade da Essência Divina em todos nós. Somente iremos praticar as Parábolas da Servidão, do que é esse amar em movimento, Sendo a Luz em Ação.

Assim como é a observação de quais Frutos brotarão de cada Figueira, assim também é o Próprio Cristo convosco: Ele lhes traz a oportunidade constante do reflorescer-se, para que os Frutos do seu plantio brotem por méritos, em profundo Amor. Não se colhe outra fruta de intenção, senão o próprio intento e a ação.

Neste momento, Eu Sou o acolher em todos nós no amor de Deus, em um rabisco desenhado ainda que de forma dual em humana percepção, porém em uma entrega de tão Profundo Amor de Deus em nós, que somente é possível sentir em seu coração – decidindo-se guiar pela Estrela do Natal que Brilha nos mais altos dos Céus, em uma Caminhada da Luz Pura Divina – a Caminhada de Ouro -, em direção à Oferta que nos É Entregue: o Reconhecimento Puro da Chama que arde em ti e arde também em Mim, nesse nascimento em reconhecimento ao Filho de Deus que Somos.

Ano Solar. Ano da Verdade. Ano esse, do Real Nascimento: uma Estrela no Céu ressurge para relembrar a todos nós que nunca estivemos a sós. Uma Nova Estrela-Flor em Solo também foi plantada por nós, a primeira de Doze Estações. Em vários Mundos se Celebram a vida D’Aquele Salvador, pois Celebrar é Se Lembrar do Céu.

Celebre então, em Seu Coração, a Aliança entre As muitas Moradas das Casas do Pai e a Humanidade, novamente. Por isso somos aqui.
Faça do seu coração uma Manjedoura, da Estrela a sua Guia e Presenteie-se em Compaixão,

Gratidão e Vida Viva; para que nasça a relembrança de Todas as Sementes das Virtudes
Plantadas por Deus em nós.

Em Nome da Trindade Paraíso, nos abençoamos todos e à toda humanidade.

Saulo e Família
Sangha Platina Solaris
Natal 2020

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Be a volunteer!

Contribute and take part in community interpersonal dynamics that assist in your spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion.

Be The Bee is the Volunteer Program of #TheGoldenWalk Project, created for all people who wish to experience the opportunity of a real service, in favor of something greater: the collective. The program, created by Sangha Platina Solaris, has several branches, comprising all local sanghas (with external activities, such as visits to hospitals, cleaning beaches and squares, conscious walks, etc.; and internal, with diverse activities in development within the Sangha), and also the Twelve Stations in Alliance with the Divine to be built around the planet.

The volunteer program will be in all these spaces, welcoming people that are willing to contribute to the construction survey, the funcioning of places, maintenance and improvement of the spaces and other diverse activities.

Imagem de uma abelha coletando pólen de uma flor.
Serving happens as in a beehive: we are bees working collectively, from micro to macro and in favor of the Whole.

Into deep integration, Be The Bee volunteers make their knowledge and workforce available to the service of the Light, plunging from the selfless service delivery, into a deep process of self-knowledge and inner healing.

The main proposal of Be The Bee is #WorkMeditation: to be in meditation – to meditate the action – throughout the practice of serving. This means bringing our Presence fully to every action we perform, whether it is preparing a meal, taking care of the garden, cleaning a room or any other task. Volunteers will be continuously participating in specific activities carried out by the local Sangha, such as meditations, satsangs, courses, workshops, immersions, journeys, retreats, etc.

Linked to the practice of #WorkMeditation, the activities developed for volunteers in the program bring deep integration between body, mind and soul, contributing to the personal development and spiritual awakening of each one in service.

Homem cuidando da horta.
André, a volunteer at the Be The Bee program, in work meditation.

“Love in motion is intrinsic to selfless service. When one is just for Being, for wanting to be and do the movement of good, the Flame of Love for Freedom is lit up in the heart.”

Be The Bee – Flor do Alto STATION

Phase I: First constructions

We will meet at our Volunteer Base – a farm located next to the Station, 15km from where the Ashram will take place. The volunteers’ performance, in this phase, will be divided between the demands of the construction of the Ashram – in which the service will be directly with and on earth, in order to raise the space -, and the activities of the Base. In the Farm, the distribution in rooms or tents will happen according to the gradual arrival of new volunteers. The space already has structures such as kitchen and toilet, and soon, there will also be varieties of food growing on the land for inhabitants of the Base to consume.

In this first moment, Sangha’s finance will be focused exclusively on the cost of the first constructions, as well as the basic expenses of operating the spaces. The volunteer will be responsible for the costs of traveling to the Base, where the food supplies will be shared amongst all.

Phase II: Daily life in the Community

The Be The Bee Program at Flor do Alto Station brings balance between work and spiritual practices into everyday life in the community. The workload will follow a dynamic routine, with tasks such as planting, building, cleaning, cooking, caring for children and spaces, as well as activities aimed at Awakening – meditation, satsangs, breathing, conversation circles, music, campfire, mantras, among others.

These activities will vary according to the abilities, interests and even professions of the volunteers, in a way that each one will find where to contribute in this process. In the second phase, the community will already be able to offer accommodation and meals to volunteers. Everything we currently promote in Sangha will be extended to the Station, in an experience available for all.

Click here to check the Executive Project of Rancho Estação Flor do Alto!

Pessoa mostrando pimentão verde diretamente do pé.
Images of our vegetable garden already in production at the Golden Place: Belo Horizonte.

Volunteers in the Be The Bee Program already have their sleeves rolled up and hands right on, contributing, working and developing themselves in specific areas of #TheGoldenWalk.
Join us!

The maximum period to stay at the Station is (up to) 3 consecutive months, following a dynamic that allows each one to choose their own workload. Those who want to dedicate themselves more to work can choose the 6×1 scheme (6 working days for 1 day off), or alternatives such as 3×4, 5×2, 4×3, etc. If the preference is for more days off, there is the option to contribute financially to the expenses of the space, proportionally to the resting days.

The Be The Bee Program will be organized in practice by a Coordination that will act to guide the volunteers, both on the work itself and on everything that involves serving. We will be building it all together!

✔️ Learn and add experiences with everyday life in community 🎁
✔️ Actively participate in the various activities that are offered 🔑
✔️ Allow yourself to contact and expand your inner God ☀️
✔️ Surrender yourself deeply to the mysteries of Serving 🤲🏻✨

Be a volunteer: Be The Bee! 🐝
Talk to Prem Beeja (+55 31 9102-9695).

Being Love in Donation

There’s something very Sacred in fully surrendering yourself at service of Love and Being the very own Presence of Light, in ACTION!

English subtitles available!

🌟 Everything we do as Sangha is done in Love, through Love and for Love. As a Body of Light, we update our blog and social media on a daily basis, so that you may join us on the Golden Walk Project and become this Light in action.

♻️ In Love, we bring into being uncountable activities that anchor your Presence here, such as Satsangs, Collective Assistances, meditations, prayer vigils, courses, classes and so many others. This work of Light is offered mostly for free within a constant movement, an intense exchange of energy, which flows freely in the frequency of Love and Service.

“My mission here is to awaken what has always been in your heart; it is to awaken you to the best of yourself.”

– y. Saulo

💵 On this Walk, the financial resources play the role of allowing the materialization of this Project on planet Earth. The monetary donation is the manifest energy of Love in Action; in donA(c)tion. It is the return of the Light in the cyclical process of giving and receiving.

💌 Dakshina: a ‘financial gift’ offered spontaneously to a Spiritual Master in gratitude for the teachings and blessings. When given in Love, with no expectation or obligation, the blessing’s power is enhanced and strengthened.

We appreciate your donA(c)tion and remind you that it is not, by any means, mandatory.

🤲🏻 If you felt this Love in Action in your heart and wish to donate, speak directly to Suely here 👉🏽

It’s possible to make a donation through the Picpay app on following link 👉🏽 donate to The Golden Walk project or scanning the Qrcode below:

💳 You can also donate through PayPal 👉🏽

♾ If you wish to donate in other ways for the construction of something way greater, we make ourselves available for you ♾

A profound reverence to your Presence! 🙏🏼

We keep expanding (in) Love

The Sangha Platina Solaris and The Golden Walk movement keeps expanding and many seeds are sowed every day. Watered with love and light they awaken the virtues by the heart comprehending that we are all made of the same, part of something greater. That to feel it one must leave one’s own self, so one recognize and give place to what has always been there.

The family of Light Recognize and place themselves at Service for Being the Love in motion, the Light at work, for themselves and all humankind.

“I Am Love. And if I Manifest Love, the frequency I emit is Love. And only what is Love comes back at me. Because I Am.”
– y.Saulo

Saiba o que promovemos!

When surrender is true it’s possible to perceive Light expanding in its entire fullness, follow what was manifested since the beginning of the walk on September 2019 up to here:

✔️ Social Networks
• +181,000 people reached in Brazil and other countries in Latin America and almost 90,000 people interacting with our pots.
• Only in the past week nearly 9,000 people reached through our Instagram profile.
• more than 24,000 executions of our YouTube videos and Spotify podcast reaching people outside Brazil in countries such as Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and India. Having about 1,500 executions only last week.

✔️ Completed Activities
• There were carried out more than 395 individual welcoming within our group and, among these, 53 face-to-face supportive service and 74 people in profound emotional distress by our tam of Volunteers where we have physicians, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists and other holistic therapists, enabling then the Presence State strengthened in Body and Spirit;
• More than 276 meditations for a deep connection and rebalance over sending of light;
• In love and watch, 512 prayers every 3hrs and 93 prayers every 12 hrs done;
• In love, we offered 41 prayers in the last 15 days;
• More than 186 online activities such as Collective Consultation, Healing Experiences on Sacred Oneness (Masculine & Feminine), Satsangs, Studies, Money and new Mankind, Suffering Liberation Works, Ceremonies of Sevenfold and Threefold Flames, Physical activities (Strecthes, Yoga, Dance etc);
• 40 + transmissions of “Grace” blessing;
• 20 courses were held, among which, 238 news Reiki therapists formed for free in the Platinum Gold Pink frequency, thus, increasing the Planetary Light coefficient and making real the possibility of self-healing.

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