Being Love in Don-A(c)tion

There’s something very Sacred in fully surrendering yourself at service of Love and Being the very own Presence of Light, in ACTION! 🌟 Everything we do as Sangha is done in Love, through Love and for Love. As a Body of Light, we update our blog and social media on a daily basis, so that […]

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We keep expanding (in) Love

The Sangha Platina Solaris and The Golden Walk movement keeps expanding and many seeds are sowed every day. Watered with love and light they awaken the virtues by the heart comprehending that we are all made of the same, part of something greater. That to feel it one must leave one’s own self, so one […]

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Message by Saint Germain: Forgive

🇧🇷 Em Português 🇪🇸 En Español Forgive. Forgiveness for not feeling the land, and not recognizing that life is given from it. Forgiveness for not listening, always wishing over and over without a loving look to what you need. Forgiveness for greed of not sharing, in a selfish fashion I believe that what I receive […]

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Meditation with the Deva

🇧🇷 Em Português 🇪🇸 En Español H: What is happening with the Coronavirus? It is a wake-up call to all human beings. The Hierarchy of light transformed an experience of shadow into a plan of irradiation of light-love on Earth. As I said in other messages the Warriors of Light will not be touched or […]

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🇪🇸 En Español 🇧🇷 Em Português Brethren, What elevates your mind is the divine mind. You are busy looking at life in the crystallized images of computers and are lost during the times where you should find yourselves. The encounter with the peace of simply being you, while you feed, live the sun, the moon […]

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