About Saulo: keeper of the Platinum-Gold Portal; “Betel’s Portal” – אל, Bêṯ-ʼĒl

Saulo is a manifested frequency: a state, a Presence. An Avatar of the New Age.

He walked the path of māyā illusion until the moment of understanding expressed by the mirror games; ending hen, the great spiritual quest.

The constant and unchangeable Presence makes itself Present and invites you all to Awaken the Virtues through the Heart. Being in close touch with the manifested Platinum-Gold Stellar Frequency; it enables cure, intense awakening and is soul-rejoicing. He is here at service by example to show that Is possible to liberate yourself from the suffering created by the idea of separation.

“Let go off all the need to be something, belong to something or satisfy something. Bring this on with the self recognition as pureness to your heart, serenity to your motion and peace to your soul. Contribute to my, your, our Awakening – letting the love fall like drops in each instant. Breath in deeply!

I Am in here.”


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