Merkabah Solaris Activation: key 104:21-22-23, “The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch”

“21. […]Wheel-within-the-wheel which I witnessed as it opened up and became one pulsating center of Light technology in the shape of a pyramid. The Sphinx symbolically represents the face of thinking spiritual intelligence which can move in and out of our solar spectrum and show us how we can leave behind our solar evolution (the Lion) and become one with the Sons of Light.

22. These spiritual vehicles of Light will once again come down into the communities of the righteous which are in special grid areas of spiritual vibration throughout the world. These grids contain the pyramidal light patterns that will receive the vehicle which will come as the capstone of Light activating these centers of Light consciousness.

23. This is the process of transforming the human evolution to co-participate with the Higher Evolution. […]”

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