Message by Saint Germain: Forgive

Saint Germain

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Forgiveness for not feeling the land, and not recognizing that life is given from it.

Forgiveness for not listening, always wishing over and over without a loving look to what you need.

Forgiveness for greed of not sharing, in a selfish fashion I believe that what I receive is mine.

Forgiveness for not accepting imperfections and not illuminating them with love.

Forgiveness for not forgiving at the very moment the opportunity of healing shines.

And now if you feel the need to forgive something not said, forgive.

And with your heart in humility, raise your thoughts in love.

Feel the love, vibrate the love.

And with that energy visualize yourself embracing the planet, with that love.

So it is in the gift of eons of time!

Saint Germain

(Channeled on April 08, 2020 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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Meditation with the Deva

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H: What is happening with the Coronavirus?

It is a wake-up call to all human beings. The Hierarchy of light transformed an experience of shadow into a plan of irradiation of light-love on Earth. As I said in other messages the Warriors of Light will not be touched or damaged by this virus. What the high hierarchy provided is like a dimensional guide that protects or distracts the virus from people who vibrate in the dimension of Love. Whoever vibrating at low energy will certainly be touched. It is the way that light found to awaken many of us who do not do it fast enough.

The new world is being implanted and we urgently need to minimize the damage of that transition. That’s why the hierarchy of light is asking everyone to wake up and work with conscience in the new world. This is what is happening. Nothing is accidental and the inconveniences or losses suffered by what is in three dimensions is minimal with respect to the step forward that we are taking together as a planet.

Connect with your masters, with your guides through the new Love and high vibration and perceive!!!

Were they doing everything they wanted and/or felt??? Once the pandemic passes and/or accommodates, should we continue to waste time on things that are from the old world or let our light awaken in fullness of co-creators?

Our multidimensional network is working. Count on me, the beings of light, the guides and the masters of creation. You are called upon to use your mastery. We have given you the tools of the light codes. You just have to activate them in the oneness of the action and we are here to help each other. So be it!…

(Channeled on March 25, 2020 by Hudryk – Búzios Espiritualidade Resort Caravelas)

Photo by personal archive of Laura Guarino

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What elevates your mind is the divine mind. You are busy looking at life in the crystallized images of computers and are lost during the times where you should find yourselves. The encounter with the peace of simply being you, while you feed, live the sun, the moon and the air that is renewing around you.

So many blockages are being removed on a large scale and you insist on placing other small blocks. Unravel yourselves! The truth itself is the pure manifestation of all that is. It is not about desire but about the life happening.

Feel the life and surrender to the truth. Some moments will be disturbing just like in the child when the annoying tooth starts to fall but is still attached to the mouth. However, the tooth that is preparing to descend causes a shock to get rid of the tooth that is still stuck. The shock will happen so that you can let yourself flow.

Unravel yourselves! Take a good care of what is leaving. Thank each step of the walk that has been until here and let yourself go. Be the walk of now, from the inside, in silence; find yourself in the peace of the divine mind. And from there feel the light and distribute the light in each glass of water you offer, in each word you evoke, in each pause you take.

Be the thanksgiving to the truth, to life and so they will transform. And then you will be able to see clearly and divinely where you are going to get.

Mother Light of Higher Love

(Channeled on April 01, 2020 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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Don’t Say No, They Didn’t Tell You

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We, the Mamos, from the Heart of the World, which is also the Heart of the Universe, from our Sacred House, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, greet all our younger brothers of all races in the world, the great fraternity, all masters, lightworkers, all those who are on the path of consciousness shift, those who are awakening to a new consciousness and also all those who are still asleep. We invite you to reflect on what is obvious, what everyone is talking about, the message that crowns us all as one unit, as one pain, as one suffering, as one humanity that suffers, that cries, that breaks down and must rise empowered, different, free from incomprehensible egos, values that have not helped and powers that have left us weak and tired of carrying them because when we need them most they have not served us.

Mother spoke, life screamed in our faces, nature revealed itself, unintended fires cried out like a screaming truth. But we do not hear them because we are busy with the great, because they did not touch us directly, because we are building a better tomorrow without knowing for whom or for what. Today we cannot say that it caught us off guard, that we were not warned, that it was a surprise. Don’t say no, they didn’t tell you.

We, the Mamos, who have learned for hundreds of generations and lineages to take the time to develop communication with the upper and lower dimensions, who have lived 18 years of our present life to silence our minds to desensitize our biological bodies and our senses, to erase our egos, to put our minds to sleep so that they do not judge, do not sentence, do not condemn. And in these years and until the end of our existence we continue to learn to be Mamos, we sharpen our senses of the higher being and we enable ourselves to perceive with the senses of the soul and heart the whisper of the divinity that takes the wind, the breeze, the waters , the clouds, the mountains, the animals, the forests, the very small ones like bacteria, the visible and invisible beings, the same as the guardians of our sacred land.

We have learned that they speak with the innocent laughter of children, the ancient wisdom of the one who leaves us, in the color of the clouds, in the melting of the Chundwas (snow peaks), in the birds that stopped flying over the volcanoes that woke up perplexed and began to roar until Mother Earth trembles. We Mamos read, understood and witnessed when father Sun sure walk slowed down and changed, embracing Mother Earth until it burned her, and when the lunar cycles were no longer aligned to direct life, planting and harvests.

Little brothers, the things that may seem insignificant to you, have enormous meaning for us, the Mamos. We Mamos see in every natural event, in every manifestation a messenger and a message, a guardian, a master, an advisor, who brings us the opportunity to listen, to dialogue with them, with Mother Nature and with Mother Earth. Thus we learn the power to lead without insisting that others follow us. We call Bigger Brothers viruses, bacteria, those that do good things for us or that give us illnesses, or changes in our time and space. Today, a single tiny entity is producing a major disturbance that forces us to

For us, the Mamos, when Mother Earth had its first dawn everything was manifested from the spirit, in Ánugwe, therefore, everything was manifested in Ti’na. Ánugwe is the immaterial force of existence, the intangible and greater “Force of the Law” that governs and controls everything that exists in nature and the cosmos. Ti’na is the force in the material environment, visible and manifested from Ánugwe. Thus all the kingdoms, animals, plants, waters, rocks, and everything that exists in Ti’na are manifested. They came first than us, in Ánugwe, from where they were manifested as the supreme force of life, of creation and so they must continue in Ti’na. We were the last to arrive in Ánugwe and Ti’na.

We arrived yesterday, and although we could not understand yet what we came to, neither because we were the last, nor what our sacred mission would be or in the conditions in which we arrived to be with the bigger brothers, we became their executioners and as cannibals we started to consume and destroy many of them. We have changed the order established by the Most Sacred Law in the Universe, the Law of Origin which is the Law of Order, of life and respect for the being. We have not learned to be on a pair with Mother Earth or Nature. Like children spoiled and blinded by the power of reason, we begin to change everything, destroying, annihilating our entire path.

We were so powerful that in the blink of an eye we warmed the planet, thawed the poles, extinguished many brothers of flora and fauna, contaminated the air breeze, and very few have acted with a consciousness of transformation wishing to change the system that today governs us. So far we’ve been playing with fire. We put ourselves out of balance. And then, a virus, the smallest of elementals, the most insignificant creature in the eyes of the little brothers forced us to stop the chase race, of which we did not know what we were running after. This virus became a a great master, an authentic messenger.

From our places of communication with the portals of different dimensions, we, the Mamos, realize that this master who feeds our fear, vibrates with it and is strengthened by this fear, which perceives in all of us who feel terrified of losing what we have, what we build or plan to build. As humanity we have been crowned with the vibration of fear. From the Sacred Places, Guardians send courage and we Mamos add to this courage a good dose of solidarity, unconditional love and self-confidence in ourselves to spread to others as an effective shield against fear.

We Mamos talked with Mother Earth, we talked with life and with beings from all kingdoms. From our sacred offices, we ask for forgiveness, first to ourselves, to our neighbors, to the breeze, to the water, to the animals and plants. We heal, balance our Bigger Brothers, because in healing and balancing them, we heal and balance ourselves, because everything is integrated into the whole, interacting with each other and with ourselves. Only when we reach this new balance, will a New Mankind strengthened by solidarity take a step towards the new ascended, honored, respected and loved Earth. So not only clean air will be possible, not only healthy animals will be possible, plants will be possible, and each element, each being will be fulfilling its mission, without being destroyed, violated, by what is called development, civilization, modernism and what we Mamos call unconsciousness.

Our Holy Mother Earth will be protected when we as humanity make the decision to do things respecting and reverencing every form of life. For us, Mamos, this is an invitation to change and transformation without aggression, with love and kindness. It is something like what you are talking about today of this transformation, of this mutation that modern viruses are making. We Mamos see this as a reality close to where we can, each one of us with greater humility that helps us with the absolute truth of being able to ask for forgiveness from ourselves and our brothers and our bigger brothers, having a change, a mutation in attitude, a transformation of awareness of thought habits before this sacred planet, before this sacred mother and before our sacred bigger brothers.

We have shown how powerful we are to change, to transform. Let us use the same power to alter our conscience by adding a strong dose of love, compassion, respect and reverence for life without rejecting with pride or arrogance the bigger brothers of nature because they arrived here before us.

Mother Earth, the Guardians of our Sacred Places, the Mamos of the Chundwas are calling us all, mobilizing the Mamos and the smaller brothers to work together to achieve this change in humanity and the world. May power, light and love be with all of us to make this transformation during this time of change.

Mamo Dwawiku Izquierdo, Mamo Arhuaco de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Recompiled by Amanda Bernal-Carlo
© El Gran Balance.

Translation: Fred – Sangha Platina Solaris

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Message to the People of the Earth

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Let us understand oneness. Up until now, the knowledge produced by the civilization that just ended understood polarities as a starting point of the rules of social coexistence. Why’s that? Because at the moment when the sense of access to this universal consciousness was distorted, some beings projected and established projections of a reality through fear.

So, the Sangha is a connecting network. Accessed minds intercommunicate by building the basis for the source to function. It is not functioning. It’s foundation. As a unit, everything that happens is in its proper course, because up here the fabric raised by so many of you in planetary life is the first foundation for the protection of the earthly essence. The vibratory shift is already decoded and we are waiting for the moment to enter into a deep connection and transmutation of DNA. You are starting to work on that.

Some moments are uprising. (Facts) all that were succumbed are needed. Bringing to the heart the experience of the recognition that there is no power contained in anyone. The flow, the essence is powerfully free. Strength is found in fragility. And you lived it clearly. The social breakdown of an exchange for accumulation and consumption will be impactful. Rest assured it will be a storm. And therefore, raise the qualities of the heart to balance. Compassion and empathy will welcome the new record.

Truthfully read with your heart at peace. When it sinks you have the feeling of being swallowed. When at peace and trustful, this is the way to go up again. Then we will contact you directly as you will be ready to start exchanging. As long as the vibration is fear you will understand everything as a threat and in the vibration of love you will feel the universal consciousness in its full, splendid existence and we will be oneness. I can’t say any more now. I need other patterns to be able to bring the sound.

Archangel Michael, in God’s Will, unifies the presence of the one and anchor the gold energy in the midst of chaos. Of all excellence and form that earthly matter may at last receive and be in the name of the Father of creation and creature.

Galactic force in stellar conservatory.

Your pause is planetary breathing. The corona virus is a microorganism in the regeneration movement. You will feel the internal nuclear pressure on the planet to begin to hatch. You will understand that you need to recover the planet and not consume it. How beautiful is the love to oneself. Essential.

(Channeled on March 23, 2020 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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Message by Sananda: Flaming Sword

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We have come leading and being led by the purity of the Divine Light (white horse), bringing through our words the Truth which liberates (sword that comes out of the throat) and transforms (flaming).


(Channeled on April 23, 2019 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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The Event – Solace

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JJ 32 PQ

We will talk about the content of our messages. It is not in our interest to provoke a sense of fear by conveying our instructions or note, this feeling is inherent of the obscuration of the truth that has always been in us: we are love!

Today we will talk about a conditioned process that at first is a source of help but over time became a source for victimization and spiritual stagnation. Solace is in the first instance a source of breath to those who are somehow away from their natural state and a self-recognition exercise to those who practice it. However, activities that are urgent aid should be, equally urgent, paved with contents that lead to the natural state of communion.

My words may sound odd and even anti-spiritualized. I warn you that a deeper reading of the teachings of Sananda (Christ) and Siddhartha (Buddha) show what I repeat to you. The misconception in the values received from these brothers (we mention only them because both names are easily self-explanatory association in relation to their works) is proportional and served to postpone the times you live, for they are treated as an age of chaos and without any solace.


(Channeled on April 23, 2019 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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