The Presence is not a state, It just Is!

Attendee: don’t you get tired of talking the same thing with people?

Saulo: if things are said it’s because they need to be said. If they’re repeated it may be because something is yet to be perceived

Attendee: but you should get tired of any of the speeches because, if I’m tired of searching for myself, I imagine you that speak about it every week are…

Saulo: imagine you seated on this chair talking the same things. Would they be boring, wouldn’t they? And see people coming and going with their life hardships… even more boring, wouldn’t it?

Attendee: yep!

Saulo: that’s the annotation: in here there’s no longer a self. We’d be seating together every day and, as the Presence, I’d repeat as many times as needed the same speech to you if there was a real search there inside you. If your heart doesn’t burn in flames to recognize itself there’s no speech to make it so. Namaste!

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