Joy: Blissfulness of a Present Soul!

Typical Minas Gerais state native, offspring of a traditional Catholic family, Saulo started his spiritual journey at the church, as a choir boy in a traditional choir called Mater Verbi – Meninos Cantores da Academia.

His devotion to God came to fruition initially through the gift of music and this gift has always been a constant in his life. Saulo, inter alia, was a soloist in one of the most prestigious choirs in Brazil and came to perform numerous renowned pieces in national and international theaters and performance rooms.

Gathering of Mater Verbi choir

In his journey in the matter, Saulo excelled as an international reference in his professional area, having in his earthly baggage: diplomas, merits and the recognition of the market. Saulo built a legacy in excellence, being revered to this day and concluded his career by being invited to speak at one of the biggest events in Latin America in his segment – and was also invited to be part of an immersion to High Executive professionals named “Executive Future Leader” in which he was a member of the champion team – to surrender to selfless service to the Divine.

More about Saulo ✨

“Search the resolution outside, the knowledge outside, the completeness outside and it will foster the emptiness of self-ignorance prison. Maybe that’s the emptiness in your chest that you feel today and don’t even know where it comes from.” – Saulo

Saulo journeyed still unconscious along the paths of spiritual illusion, until the moment of understanding the manifested Truth by Oneness – thus ending his “great spiritual seeking

We have here a ‘young‘ Eastern Enlightened Spiritual Teacher who manifests in the Now! the living knowledge about Contemporary Spirituality.

“In this timeless baggage of the constant now I bring the pointing that enlightenment is very little for the spiritual ego: let go of one’s entire constructed idea of ​​the self, to recognize the new look that has always been there.” – Saulo

Saulo is the living proof that self-mastery is available to all and Real Awakening makes itself Present when one’s surrender, in love.

“You have the Sun (Sol, in portuguese) and the Moon (Lua, in portuguese) in your name: it’s time to shine!” Paramjyoti Kalki AmmaBhagavan to Saulo on his day of Glory!

His Grace began his mission on this Planet summoning each living Being to Be the Light itself in Action, anchoring its Virtues through the Heart.

At this moment, Saulo is manifesting some books, among them is “From the lama (mud, in portuguese) to The Lama” – a provocation to all seekers who confuse enlightenment with holiness, “365 Days to Awakening” and “The Essence of Virtue.

In simple, didactic and modern fashion, Saulo gives the Word to the Divine Cosmic Consciousness he Is and Awakens within us the remembrance that quenches the thirst of supreme happiness!

“Nothing else I do will make any sense here. I do not act anymore because I let the divine manifestation to act. I don’t think anymore because I let the divine flow decide what is best for the fulfillment of my divine plan. I don’t know anymore because just the not-knowing will release me. Because everything I think I know will only bring me limited movements of thought. And the I Am is unlimited.” – Saulo [excerpt of discourse in Satsang “Pés Descalços” – bare feet].

Meditation in Búzios with some of Sangha Platina Solaris members, group which Saulo tutors.

The Pure, Divine Presence I Am, manifested in Saulo, also carries out karmic liberations in our planetary quadrant through the 4 Keys Manifested by Him (The 4 Keys of the Christ). Saulo also uses other own tools for many types of healing, such as coronary meditations, The Grace Blessing, own frequencies of emotional and energetic healing, satsangs, speeches, lectures, consultations among others, so as the case of the Global Movement: The Golden Walk.

The expression Joy! which headlines this link came from an inspiration of a recent speech of a friend Janis Roze (below photo) about full Happiness!

“There are no antonyms for Joy!” – Janis

Janis Roze and Saulo in 2019

Moreover, Saulo is also the tutor of the Sangha Platina Solaris (a group focused on Consciousness Awakening with people of Brazil, United States, Argentina, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Chile among others). It also realizes individual and collective consultations, spiritual retreats and blesses projects such as: urban cleaning task forces, yoga, supportive holistic consultations, visits to hospitals, meetings of divine feminine/ masculine and divine oneness; walks in awareness, free consultation for people with cancer, creation of florals and essences and so forth. On April 2019, the Sangha promoted simultaneous events in more than 20 cities in and outside Brazil.

The Sangha in a synced event in 2019

Saulo also talks in events and we put here in evidence a talk for more than 1000 people over the theme “A More Human Sale”, in São Paulo, at the Conecta Imobi: Latina America’s biggest Marketing and Sales event for the Real State Market.

Lecture in São Paulo at the aforementioned Conecta Imobi event

“If there’s no completeness in one’s within, truly there’ll be a void, an angst, a hole, a sense of missing. Because the whole is already the whole. And maybe, only maybe, you may have lived a life not in full.” – Saulo

Currently, Saulo resides with his family in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Armação dos Búzios city, in a Conservation Area (APA, in portuguese) blessed by more than 10M acres of Preserved Brazilian Rain Forest with an astounding oceanic view.

His Grace tells us this place is Holy and thus as our hearts are connected to Him, many energetic points in synchronicity with Planet’s Heart Chakra.

Saulo during a Withdraw Yourself spiritual retreat held in Búzios on 2019

Allow yourself to liberate from pain and suffering caused by the idea of separation from the Creative Matrix o all that Is – practicing deep listening, in satsang – with Saulo.

Subtitles available

“To truly let it Be is to not make any effort. If one can silence one’s mind for a moment, one will perceive how much energy is lost to keep it active. The simple fact of wanting to not think it’s already an action and not making any action is an action masquerade of non-acting. A subtle difference between wanting to wining you over and truly winning is between you ceasing the fire, letting it extinguishes by itself in full, and not drown it out.” – Saulo

Phenomena: on his forehead the Manifested Presence I AM in Light, visible to the eye.

“What I came to offer You no man of this Earth can buy. Only by acceptance one’s enter in a State of Grace and only by Grace, one’s listens to Silence that flows from ‘inside out’. It is there where is the void and silent Being.” – Saulo

Part of the Sangha exercising in a spiritual retreat.

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