Em português, aqui.

In the name of the Pure Presence I Am and of all who Are, in Communion with the Sublime State, the Source here. Brothers of Christ, for Christ, in Christ and with Christ, I bring you a humble message at this such special Christmas time, already in a New Age.

My sister, my brother: let yourself be guided by the Christmas Star, the one who moves towards the birth of his/her own inner Christ: The Holy Personal Christ. A Deep Love is made available again, like a Solar visit that is offered to us in a profound deconstruction of the Self. What is incarnated, my beloved ones, is the Word – which never started and will never end, and so it is with all those who are born from themselves – alpha and omega – in
a deep cycle, so that the Purity Reigns in everyone again.

Within what we practice in sangha, Being Love in Motion is to keep the Energy of Christ in you without explanation, as the Living Fruit of the Continuity of Divine Essence in all of us. We will only practice the Parables of Servitude, of what is this loving in motion, Being the Light in Action.

Just as it is the observation of which Fruits will sprout from each Fig tree, so it is the Christ Himself with you too: He brings you the constant opportunity to flourish, so that the Fruits of your planting sprout in merits, in deep Love. There is no other fruit of intention to harvest, but the intention and the action itself.

At this moment, I AM the welcome you in all of us in the love of God, in a scribble drawn even though in a dual way in human perception, but in a surrender of such a Deep Love of God in us, that it is only possible to feel in your heart – deciding to be guided by the Christmas Star that Shines in the highest of the Heavens, in a Walk of Pure Divine Light – the Golden Walk -, towards the Offer that is Given to Us: the Pure Recognition of the Flame that burns in you and also burns in Me, in this birth in recognition of the Son of God that we are.

Solar Year. Year of the Truth. A year such of Real Birth: a Star resurfaces in Heaven to remind all of us that we were never alone. A New Flower-Star in Soil was also planted by us, the first of Twelve Stations. In several Worlds, the life of that Savior is celebrated, because to celebrate is to remember heaven (in Portuguese, celebrar (se lembrar do céu): céu=heaven + lembrar=remember).

Celebrate, then, in Your Heart, the Covenant between the many Abodes of the Father’s Houses and the Humanity, again. That’s why we are, here.

Make your heart a Manger, the Star your Guide and Treat yourself with Compassion, Gratitude and Living Life; so that the remembrance of All Virtues Seeds Planted by God in us is born.

In the Name of the Paradise Trinity, we all bless ourselves and all humanity.

Saulo and Family

Sangha Platina Solaris
Christmas 2020

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