We keep expanding (in) Love

The Sangha Platina Solaris and The Golden Walk movement keeps expanding and many seeds are sowed every day. Watered with love and light they awaken the virtues by the heart comprehending that we are all made of the same, part of something greater. That to feel it one must leave one’s own self, so one recognize and give place to what has always been there.

The family of Light Recognize and place themselves at Service for Being the Love in motion, the Light at work, for themselves and all humankind.

“I Am Love. And if I Manifest Love, the frequency I emit is Love. And only what is Love comes back at me. Because I Am.”
– y.Saulo

Saiba o que promovemos!

When surrender is true it’s possible to perceive Light expanding in its entire fullness, follow what was manifested since the beginning of the walk on September 2019 up to here:

✔️ Social Networks
• +181,000 people reached in Brazil and other countries in Latin America and almost 90,000 people interacting with our pots.
• Only in the past week nearly 9,000 people reached through our Instagram profile.
• more than 24,000 executions of our YouTube videos and Spotify podcast reaching people outside Brazil in countries such as Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and India. Having about 1,500 executions only last week.

✔️ Completed Activities
• There were carried out more than 395 individual welcoming within our group and, among these, 53 face-to-face supportive service and 74 people in profound emotional distress by our tam of Volunteers where we have physicians, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists and other holistic therapists, enabling then the Presence State strengthened in Body and Spirit;
• More than 276 meditations for a deep connection and rebalance over sending of light;
• In love and watch, 512 prayers every 3hrs and 93 prayers every 12 hrs done;
• In love, we offered 41 prayers in the last 15 days;
• More than 186 online activities such as Collective Consultation, Healing Experiences on Sacred Oneness (Masculine & Feminine), Satsangs, Studies, Money and new Mankind, Suffering Liberation Works, Ceremonies of Sevenfold and Threefold Flames, Physical activities (Strecthes, Yoga, Dance etc);
• 40 + transmissions of “Grace” blessing;
• 20 courses were held, among which, 238 news Reiki therapists formed for free in the Platinum Gold Pink frequency, thus, increasing the Planetary Light coefficient and making real the possibility of self-healing.

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