Sending of Metatronic Energy

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The Platinum-Gold Metatronic Stellar Energy Work consists of awakening the golden flame within the heart of each of us. The purpose of this work is to send to each being the real energy of the Golden Heart of God, which exists within each heart.

This energy comes to heal, liberate and transcend all aspects that today make up your body, mind and soul. That energy is signed with the divine seal of eternal love, bringing to itself the real manifest presence Here and Now.

Leave your full name and also the full name of the ones who have expressly authorized you to give their names out in the link below and free yourself(ves) right Here and right Now.

The transmission will be made every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Brasília time [BST]. May you all be vibrating love if you can not mentalize yourself(ves) receiving the energies at this time.

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Lusec channeling

TW 12 HV

Loved ones,

In a few days we will perform a change in the toroidal field of the stellar sphere you all know as the Sun.

We have an urge to this labor eyeing to forestall the process and the Days.

There will be an energetic turbulence on the noosphere of its Orbe.

We ask for care, presence of soul and patience with all your fellow brothers.

Much of the so-called psychic garbage will be revolved by properly quantized solar-wind waves and the irritation and violence in all the mental and emotional spheres of the inhabitants of this planet will be affected.

Therefore you should check your own conscience whether the words must be really said or texts should be really exposed.

Lusec, White and Violet Ray

(Channeled on July 13, 2018 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Metatron channeling

My brothers and sisters,

Feel this peace being brought to you my brothers and sisters!

It is time of discoveries, to sync in with the divine portals that are being opened at this planetary moment!

Try to keep yourselves in the light for all the time being and, when you disperse, retrieve the contact!

The Platinum Portal, my brothers and sisters, has been recently opened for the forwarding of a very subtle energy.

The extremely delicate solar energy with golden rays, foretold by Budda as the WHITE SUN, is now on a wide expansion movement and along with it it is rising the connection with all divine teachings, which reveal the existence of a “world” way beyond the most part of human consciousness has ever reached on this planet.

This WHITE SUN concentrates the most pure of unconditional love and peace. As a matter of fact, it is “GOD” in its pure, divine energetic form and it strongly holds the power to attract with it the ones who connect and also take part in all spheres of human life of those who open themselves to it!

It is the pure, peace energy of the universe, which will bring the Consciousness expansion upon hereafter, upon mysticism not yet revealed, upon who or what is GOD, and how all 3rd Dimension incarnate beings out of planet Earth organize themselves.

Brothers and sisters, the universe indeed does not concentrate just on incarnate humans on Earth! You just have 2 million years of evolution in this Planet which was inhabited by many other beings, from materialized ones to those of the spiritual realm!

There are many spiritual colonies existing on Planet Earth and on other planets spread across different dimensions throughout the universe and it is in virtue of provisional de-connection of mankind with other dimension energies that you ended up imagining the “World” only existed for you! This Consciousness limitation is in a process of considerable reduction, to reaching in a-close-yet-in-the-future-level the 5th star dimension which is directly related to the elevation of comprehension and close contact with light spirituality, currently guided by the Great White Brotherhood in your planet Earth!
This comprehension goes in the elevation to the conscience of divine truths that are being transmitted to you through multiple channels at all times!

For each day it will be revealed a Divine truth and you’ll start to know the energetic functioning of the entire universe, going through the knowledge of your divine SELF to unveil your place and mission inside the energetic universe composed by a vital DIVINE SINGLE energy to be Connected more and more by all inhabitants of Earth!

Brothers and Sisters, with today’s few truths revealed, I ask you to close your eyes and imagine yourselves close to a White luminous rounded Sun with golden rays that reach you and warm your bodies, spirit, mind and heart, freeing you from all negative energy and bringing you a peaceful purified comfort!

Soon it will be presented to you other clarifications and new ways to connect with this new Platinum Ray that is slowly coming, in a short period of time though, to Planet Earth and it’s wonderful and full of love inhabitants that you are!

Much light, my brothers and sisters! I AM ONE with every one of you, the light of love and peace which shines in your SELF!

I AM a spirit, an energy of the Platinum Ray ranks who serves along with the Great White Brotherhood with the mission to bring the Truth to you all!

I AM, Metatron.

Metatron El Shaddai

(Channeled on June 5, 2018 by Karina Veloso – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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The Platinum Ray: The Ray of Unity

It is the moment for humankind to free itself! To accept the old vibrational patterns with the veils of love to then release liberate itself from this stagnate energy and ascend along with us.

This is what we are accomplishing here: the divine purpose of the arrival of the ones who have never abandoned you in conjunction with the anchoring and activation of the Platinum Ray, the Ray of Unity.

We from the Platinum Portal constantly emanate love so you can freely flow to your self-realization.

If everything is where it is supposed to be and you accept the Divine Grace with Love and no veils, you’ll see that everything IS perfect within all its essence.

There are no doubts among paths because The two no longer exists and The non-two makes itself Present. The Presence recognizes itself as immutable and just watches the phenomena.

There’s nothing else to be done; nowhere else to go as you already ARE the journey itself.

Omega Solaris Fleet