Sending of Metatronic Energy

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The Platinum-Gold Metatronic Stellar Energy Work consists of awakening the golden flame within the heart of each of us. The purpose of this work is to send to each being the real energy of the Golden Heart of God, which exists within each heart.

This energy comes to heal, liberate and transcend all aspects that today make up your body, mind and soul. That energy is signed with the divine seal of eternal love, bringing to itself the real manifest presence Here and Now.

Leave your full name and also the full name of the ones who have expressly authorized you to give their names out in the link below and free yourself(ves) right Here and right Now.

The transmission will be made every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Brasília time [BST]. May you all be vibrating love if you can not mentalize yourself(ves) receiving the energies at this time.

Click here to provide the names

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