The Platinum Ray: The Ray of Unity

It is the moment for humankind to free itself! To accept the old vibrational patterns with the veils of love to then release liberate itself from this stagnate energy and ascend along with us.

This is what we are accomplishing here: the divine purpose of the arrival of the ones who have never abandoned you in conjunction with the anchoring and activation of the Platinum Ray, the Ray of Unity.

We from the Platinum Portal constantly emanate love so you can freely flow to your self-realization.

If everything is where it is supposed to be and you accept the Divine Grace with Love and no veils, you’ll see that everything IS perfect within all its essence.

There are no doubts among paths because The two no longer exists and The non-two makes itself Present. The Presence recognizes itself as immutable and just watches the phenomena.

There’s nothing else to be done; nowhere else to go as you already ARE the journey itself.

Omega Solaris Fleet

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