The Event – Solace

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We will talk about the content of our messages. It is not in our interest to provoke a sense of fear by conveying our instructions or note, this feeling is inherent of the obscuration of the truth that has always been in us: we are love!

Today we will talk about a conditioned process that at first is a source of help but over time became a source for victimization and spiritual stagnation. Solace is in the first instance a source of breath to those who are somehow away from their natural state and a self-recognition exercise to those who practice it. However, activities that are urgent aid should be, equally urgent, paved with contents that lead to the natural state of communion.

My words may sound odd and even anti-spiritualized. I warn you that a deeper reading of the teachings of Sananda (Christ) and Siddhartha (Buddha) show what I repeat to you. The misconception in the values received from these brothers (we mention only them because both names are easily self-explanatory association in relation to their works) is proportional and served to postpone the times you live, for they are treated as an age of chaos and without any solace.


(Channeled on April 23, 2019 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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