Message by the Keepers of 3rd Ray

🇧🇷 Em Português 🇪🇸 En Español Beloved commander and light workers, I receive the love established in your channel maintained in persistence and dedication. We are the universal light of divine oneness and we merge ourselves into energy and matter! In time everything will be as it is offered to Gaya and God. Let us […]

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Emotional Healing Tool – Using the Gold Light Every Day 🔥🔱

🇪🇸 En Español 🇧🇷 Em Português — The Platinum-Gold egregore has presented us with a spiritual tool so we connect ourselves to the Platinum-Gold Ray, The Ray of Oneness. Tool for dissolving emotional suffering Through the living knowledge, Saulo tells us that it’s possible to realize the dissolution of emotional sufferings at any time, at […]

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Metatron: Be Present!

🇧🇷 Em Português 🇪🇸 En Español Dear brethren, Be present! This is a decisive moment for the anchoring of the Platinum-Gold Ray in your bodies. Be the light that you came to be, in the coexistence with the people, in your thoughts and feelings. Raise the vibration. Discomfort is natural and necessary for a change […]

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The Book of the Dead was Opened

🇧🇷 Em Português 🇪🇸 En Español The Book of the Dead was opened. The Manifestation of Light is made present with the Solar Rays at each previously hidden point. Definitely, with the winds of today, we set out on Omega-Regenesis. Each story, Karma, dharma, plots intertwine with the line of the Tree of Life. The […]

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Message from Gaia: New Era

🇧🇷 Em Português 🇪🇸 En Español For a moment, the veils of maya fell, got opened, thus creating the chance of the resurrection of life, so to speak, of the earth; bringing the true nature always transposed as it was: by the resurgence of the Father’s will. The rebirth of Gaia is brought with it […]

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