Message from Master Rowena & Mother Mary

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Beloved children, what is the doubt? Love is the path to the transmutation, the truth to the new earth, the life that will renew on the planet.

The planetary change is already happening. Rotations inverted and energies were increased. Your bodies perceive and find themselves in disorientation of the principles that were common to the planet. Let us be the light and may love and peace be traced within it. The divinities and interplanetary beings also experience this event and the beings who have made themselves available in this regard fulfill with determination the goal of expanding the sun-earth connection.

The ladder appears and the subtle people escort the journey of light. Be sure, the 5th dimension is a step. The step is energy increased in solaris connection. The merkabahs are in OM activation. Connect daily and through it connect to the center of your egregor and strengthen regenesis.

Repeat: I AM the I AM. Oneness is love in light and universal connection. We are here in service and always looking after you. The time and the moment is now. Listen and remain in protection of the beings of light that are next to you. Guard your energy in silence and watch so that you remain harmonized with the channel of light.

The planetary triad is formed by sunlight and the inverse platinum pole comes to you. The encounter between them generates the bluish vibrational halo that protects and opens the possibility of connection and construction of the stellar bridge. Meditate and project the violet light of transmutation throughout the planet. Saint Germain is with you the truth and the transmutation event of this planetary age.

We are the garment and the aid to the disconnected hearts. Continue the silent journey and in love.

Rowena / Mother Mary

(Channeled on November 30, 2018 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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