Message from Gaia: New Era

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For a moment, the veils of maya fell, got opened, thus creating the chance of the resurrection of life, so to speak, of the earth; bringing the true nature always transposed as it was: by the resurgence of the Father’s will. The rebirth of Gaia is brought with it from the re-creation of nature in love here on earth. I was reborn. I live, my children. Reborn, I was reborn, I was born. I Am Gaia.

I am the trees that sustain your life on this earth. I am your roots that irrigate your todays and bring the water of your tomorrow. I am your green leaves that bloom your nature of being, of going. I am the living nature within your heart. I am the support, the love, the purity, the truth and the fulfillment. I am the light, for I am reborn from the ashes. I blossom even in the darkness. We are air, purity and reality itself in action.

Look, feel, realize. My door is open. Feel the joy of my heart that pulsates all love; which pulsates all purity; which pulsates all subtleness; which pulses all regeneration. We are the here and now, and only with the true will within your hearts that there has been the realization of the rebirth of Mother Gaia. In the heart of the earthlings, inland and extra-land.

It is with this love and with that glow that you will all be able to perform your co-creations so that the new Gaia will flourish in your hearts. Today we begin the New Era. Welcome, my children! For the new Gaia in life, awaken this purity reborn within your hearts, my beloved ones, awaken it! Inhale my air in your lungs, nourish yourself with my nectar of flowers and fruits, bathe in my rivers of immensity, for, I AM HERE!

I Am Gaia. I Am your awakened nature in all your heart, in all your prayer, in all your action!

I Am here.

(Channeled on December 12, 2018 by Italma Rios – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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