Message to the People of the Earth

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Let us understand oneness. Up until now, the knowledge produced by the civilization that just ended understood polarities as a starting point of the rules of social coexistence. Why’s that? Because at the moment when the sense of access to this universal consciousness was distorted, some beings projected and established projections of a reality through fear.

So, the Sangha is a connecting network. Accessed minds intercommunicate by building the basis for the source to function. It is not functioning. It’s foundation. As a unit, everything that happens is in its proper course, because up here the fabric raised by so many of you in planetary life is the first foundation for the protection of the earthly essence. The vibratory shift is already decoded and we are waiting for the moment to enter into a deep connection and transmutation of DNA. You are starting to work on that.

Some moments are uprising. (Facts) all that were succumbed are needed. Bringing to the heart the experience of the recognition that there is no power contained in anyone. The flow, the essence is powerfully free. Strength is found in fragility. And you lived it clearly. The social breakdown of an exchange for accumulation and consumption will be impactful. Rest assured it will be a storm. And therefore, raise the qualities of the heart to balance. Compassion and empathy will welcome the new record.

Truthfully read with your heart at peace. When it sinks you have the feeling of being swallowed. When at peace and trustful, this is the way to go up again. Then we will contact you directly as you will be ready to start exchanging. As long as the vibration is fear you will understand everything as a threat and in the vibration of love you will feel the universal consciousness in its full, splendid existence and we will be oneness. I can’t say any more now. I need other patterns to be able to bring the sound.

Archangel Michael, in God’s Will, unifies the presence of the one and anchor the gold energy in the midst of chaos. Of all excellence and form that earthly matter may at last receive and be in the name of the Father of creation and creature.

Galactic force in stellar conservatory.

Your pause is planetary breathing. The corona virus is a microorganism in the regeneration movement. You will feel the internal nuclear pressure on the planet to begin to hatch. You will understand that you need to recover the planet and not consume it. How beautiful is the love to oneself. Essential.

(Channeled on March 23, 2020 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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Emotional Healing Tool – Using the Gold Light Every Day 🔥🔱

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The Platinum-Gold egregore has presented us with a spiritual tool so we connect ourselves to the Platinum-Gold Ray, The Ray of Oneness.

Tool for dissolving emotional suffering

Through the living knowledge, Saulo tells us that it’s possible to realize the dissolution of emotional sufferings at any time, at any situation, at any place.

1) visualize/imagine the Platinum-Gold Ray, a solar ray, coming through the top of your head (the 9th chakra, the Star of the Soul) and filling up all your body;

2) you’ll do 3 profound breathings through your nose with your hands over your heart (heart chakra); you are Sun filled;

3) remember the situation/feeling that needs to be dissolved as it’s a story, or movie. Usually the pain is store in your heart;

4) literally down this suffering with your own Solar-Light-goldened hands to the pit of your stomach (Solar Plexus chakra); inhale consciously;

5) this way, we’ll be executing now 3 conscious breathings as it follows: when inhaling/exhaling through your nose, visualize/imagine the coming in and out through the pit of your stomach (Solar Plexus chakra). Visualize/imagine the solar plexus as a filter where the air comes in bringing all that needs to get inside, and comes out taking all that needs to be released until all air leaves your body completely. 3 times are enough for each cycle;

6) Be grateful.

Release then your anxiety. Anger. Frustration. Release everything that doesn’t need to be there. Release a day-to-day situation that makes you lose your temper; a boss, someone is your family, something that happened and put you out of control. Each and every knot in your stomach can be worked on with this tool. Keep yourself as an observer of this situation as it a movie scene, or a play. Release yourself from inferior patterns of thought-forms.

Feel the peace taking over your entire body and be the Love in oneness here and now and get in touch with this Oneness frequency that you already are!

– Saulo!

Message from Gaia: New Era

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For a moment, the veils of maya fell, got opened, thus creating the chance of the resurrection of life, so to speak, of the earth; bringing the true nature always transposed as it was: by the resurgence of the Father’s will. The rebirth of Gaia is brought with it from the re-creation of nature in love here on earth. I was reborn. I live, my children. Reborn, I was reborn, I was born. I Am Gaia.

I am the trees that sustain your life on this earth. I am your roots that irrigate your todays and bring the water of your tomorrow. I am your green leaves that bloom your nature of being, of going. I am the living nature within your heart. I am the support, the love, the purity, the truth and the fulfillment. I am the light, for I am reborn from the ashes. I blossom even in the darkness. We are air, purity and reality itself in action.

Look, feel, realize. My door is open. Feel the joy of my heart that pulsates all love; which pulsates all purity; which pulsates all subtleness; which pulses all regeneration. We are the here and now, and only with the true will within your hearts that there has been the realization of the rebirth of Mother Gaia. In the heart of the earthlings, inland and extra-land.

It is with this love and with that glow that you will all be able to perform your co-creations so that the new Gaia will flourish in your hearts. Today we begin the New Era. Welcome, my children! For the new Gaia in life, awaken this purity reborn within your hearts, my beloved ones, awaken it! Inhale my air in your lungs, nourish yourself with my nectar of flowers and fruits, bathe in my rivers of immensity, for, I AM HERE!

I Am Gaia. I Am your awakened nature in all your heart, in all your prayer, in all your action!

I Am here.

(Channeled on December 12, 2018 by Italma Rios – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Message from Brahma

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Beloved Ones! Brotherhoods in light,

Feel the resumption of consciousness. The doubling of light, the connections and the peace; brief silent pause that will happen before the big event. The pulsation doubling connects you. They put you interconnected so that we can finally communicate the New Age. There will be turbulent moments and remember to pulsate along with the portals in Regenesis. The sun realigns and along with it the intergalactic systems.

You are feeling it on your physical and subtle bodies. Gaia begins her regeneration tomorrow. Concentrate on love and absolutely on love act before Gaia. Om Mane Padme Hum Om Om Om. Ascension is reconnecting to the universe from where you are the whole and the parts as well.

Tomorrow will feel it on a larger scale. Be silent and in oneness throughout the day. This is the bridge. Sound the sounds of the universe calmly. Be as we are in vibration of connection and oneness. Wait for instructions.


(Channeled on December 11, 2018 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Follow the Heart

Beloved brother and sisters,

All the good news are already given to you from eons of time and, again today, we bring you the announcement of sharing.

From before the Light was incarnated in Earth, we work actively to bring This Time; and it has come and it is here and now. Love it to the fullest. We feel the Annunciation trumpet and vibrate in Omega Regenesis to the beginning of the end; or the end – to the beginning of regeneration.

The Adamic race has been coming in its evolutionary process gradually anchoring its own light; but it still suffers interferences from the false idea of separation: the duality.

In this way, with the Betel Portal anchored on the ground, we enable all our stellar quadrant the intense Awakening by the Divine Anchoring of the Heart, bringing together Heaven-Earth. it’s in It, loved ones, you just believe in: your heart. It’s in It, loved ones, that is the answer to the question you need to ask yourself to enter into the Seven Seals of Christ Sacred chamber. It’s in It, loved ones – in your heart – that it must vibrate the Higher Harmony of Divine Presence-Consciousness in Oneness.

Everything that’s edified by love, flows and strengthens itself in love and everything that’s edified by fear, brings the anguish and the frustration.

Realize in the harmony of our words that the end has begun. The end of selfishness, the end of the ills of life, the end of suffering caused by separation, the end of the identification with the illusion of Maya veils.

Today, everything is available: the liberation, the cure and the ascension. But false prophets will do everything they can for you to not have access to this information because, they also celebrate today, new sheep’s to their herd ruled by wolves.

My beloved, the heart is the thermometer of the Divine: follow it.

We are maintaining this Platinum-Gold love in communion with an entire egregore of light and a stellar work performed by many “hands”, in the many Addresses of the House of the Father. All frequencies rejoice for each one to self recognize as the whole and realize its part on this Tronic descent.

We count on your support in this transition, for we’ve already begun the New Era. Be present, with a heart full of love. We pulsate in Omega Regenesis.

I Am in here.

Saulo 🍃❤️