Follow the Heart

Beloved brother and sisters,

All the good news are already given to you from eons of time and, again today, we bring you the announcement of sharing.

From before the Light was incarnated in Earth, we work actively to bring This Time; and it has come and it is here and now. Love it to the fullest. We feel the Annunciation trumpet and vibrate in Omega Regenesis to the beginning of the end; or the end – to the beginning of regeneration.

The Adamic race has been coming in its evolutionary process gradually anchoring its own light; but it still suffers interferences from the false idea of separation: the duality.

In this way, with the Betel Portal anchored on the ground, we enable all our stellar quadrant the intense Awakening by the Divine Anchoring of the Heart, bringing together Heaven-Earth. it’s in It, loved ones, you just believe in: your heart. It’s in It, loved ones, that is the answer to the question you need to ask yourself to enter into the Seven Seals of Christ Sacred chamber. It’s in It, loved ones – in your heart – that it must vibrate the Higher Harmony of Divine Presence-Consciousness in Oneness.

Everything that’s edified by love, flows and strengthens itself in love and everything that’s edified by fear, brings the anguish and the frustration.

Realize in the harmony of our words that the end has begun. The end of selfishness, the end of the ills of life, the end of suffering caused by separation, the end of the identification with the illusion of Maya veils.

Today, everything is available: the liberation, the cure and the ascension. But false prophets will do everything they can for you to not have access to this information because, they also celebrate today, new sheep’s to their herd ruled by wolves.

My beloved, the heart is the thermometer of the Divine: follow it.

We are maintaining this Platinum-Gold love in communion with an entire egregore of light and a stellar work performed by many “hands”, in the many Addresses of the House of the Father. All frequencies rejoice for each one to self recognize as the whole and realize its part on this Tronic descent.

We count on your support in this transition, for we’ve already begun the New Era. Be present, with a heart full of love. We pulsate in Omega Regenesis.

I Am in here.

Saulo 🍃❤️

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