Connection Workshop on 07/28/2018

Last Saturday, July 28th, occurred the Connection Workshop at Platinum Portal. The participants receveid many activations, liberations and felt and experimented the state of non-two.


Below you find some testimonials:

We came from many places to be with you. SP, Sete lagoas e surroundings. It was an incredible day. We had my son with us participating and being a contribution… meditation… self-investigation… sharing. Gratitude…

– Fabia, Sete Lagoas-MG (07/28/2018)

Guys, what a wonderful event yesterday! Really! Many thanks for allowing me to feel and be each and every one of you! The only word I can use to transmit and share about this day is LOVE! ! Much much much love ❤ Love you all!

– Italma, São Paulo-SP (07/29/2018)

The fridge engine is no longer the same. It was silenced enough🙏🏼

I feel that something changed in me. Lightness makes itself present. 💞🙏🏼

– Fabiana, Belo Horizonte-MG (29/07/2018)

Today colors are now “different”…  yesterday, at the end of the workshop, the elephant at Saulo’s living room was already “different” too.

The energy felt even after leaving the portal, its flow in our space suit and the night of sleep were quite undescribable.

Being with the sensation of an empty mind is “the best” so far!!!


I make myself present

– Frederico, Contagem-MG (29/07/2018)

Hi guys, how are you? I was on the workshop this Saturday, with some resistance, then afterwards I allowed myself to live it and it was one-of-a-kind experience. I have been sleeping around 14 hr straight and feeling that every night a deep cleaning inside of me.


– Marcela, Belo Horizonte-MG (07/30/2018)

After the connection workshop i’m just being. My sleep improved and my perception. I’m feeling lighter ✨🙏🏼✨

– Ana Priscila, Belo Horizonte-MG (07/31/2018)

I found the Connection workshop sensational!!! I had many wonderful and “surreal”sensations. Have had more insights every day and feeling very well.. at peace! I had a sensation of total cleanness of my throat chakra and for a moment the sensation that my body faded into light. I think that every gathering, talks, texts made more sense to my heart and I want to keep on going this new path to me. I’m thankful and recognize myself more and more as love, peace, light…

I think that if everyone allow themselves to be more on these gatherings they’ll see that this insights are real, whether you believe it or not. And that’s when it gets easier to look inside which is our biggest challenge. Kisses and a good week to you all.

– Mateus, Belo Horizonte-MG (01/08/2018)


About the Workshop:

This course targets to aid you on recognize yourself as the Source. The Re-connection with your divine SELF linking your divine purpose on planet Earth.

This will be done through the integration of natural elements with your physical body and your subtle ones.

It’s going to be identified and activated Earth-Heaven connection points linking with the 4 elements, activating powerful inner gateways to your awakening.

This ways, in profound connection with your own self, you’ll have the understanding that you already ARE what you’ve been looking for.

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