Metatron: Colors Roulette

Brothers in light,

Here I make myself present to announce that the portal is in its greater amplitude than the colors roulette spins and that the DNAs can be cured.

Workers of light, be with us so this energetic chain take bigger proportions and may Gaya receives the love on its surface.

We, brothers, are here and will soon enough make present our universal harmony. Therefore, be united in celestial peace. The big gravitational wave arrives amplifying the planetary electromagnetic energy.

As asked by Sananda I repeat: you’re the seed, the particle and the wave that spins Earth into the new wave and era. It is manifesting and building up the unison chain of transformation.

Contemplate the violet flame above the colors roulette in cure emanated to initiate the intergalactic constellation.

At service and love,


(Channeled on November 03, 2018 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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