Truth: Constant Presence

“Take a softly breath with yourself. Listen to the besting of your heart. Have this time on your own. I perceived the sky in a way I had never before; this way.

I looked at the clouds and they smiled at me.

I watched the sun and it shone like never before; welcoming and cherishing sun-rays;

The wind, soft breeze on the face;

The sea, revealed itself as plentiful;

The birds, being the meditative play;

Trees, and nature itself; constant truth;

Such appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness;

Thanks, you’re welcome; being nothingness. Nothingness in fullness, revealing the whole. All the nature, the natural, the whole; to all.

I smiled, I lived, and I was happy. I just was! I just flowed.

Embrace yourself, you ARE all the Universe. Listen to the beating of your heart and breathe softly with yourself: I perceived the world differently this way.

I just perceived.

Just me.


Saulo 🍃🌈

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