🇧🇷 Paulo e Mari, da Escola da Unidade

Paulo De Lucca e Mariana Mattos são fundadores da Escola da Unidade e da Terra da Unidade no interior, em Minas Gerais – Brasil.

Estão em constante aprofundamento através de imersões na Índia e na Floresta Amazonica. Na Índia, são guiados diretamente pela O&O Academy e por SriAmmaBhagavan, formados como Trainers, Advanced Trainers, One Consciousness Trainers e Professores Espirituais independentes.

São iniciados para oferecerem todos os cursos e processos vindos da India.

Mari em Varanasi, Índia

Na Escola da Unidade e através de imersões nas Aldeias Indígenas, percorrem uma jornada espiritual de aprendizado com os povos Huni Kuin e Yawanawa que guardam a magia milenar da cura.

Paulo e Mari são iniciados também na Terapia do Renascimento e utilizam diversas técnicas de respirações, como parte marcante do trabalho. Praticam a permacultura, a bioconstrução, ecosaneamento, agrofloresta e planejamento de propriedades e comunidades.

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Message by the Keepers of 3rd Ray

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Beloved commander and light workers,

I receive the love established in your channel maintained in persistence and dedication. We are the universal light of divine oneness and we merge ourselves into energy and matter! In time everything will be as it is offered to Gaya and God.

Let us prepare the hearts connected in utter kindness and benevolence so we receive and expand the frequency that’s anchored and beforehand materialized in the heart of Gaya. For those who are still lost will seek us. You already feel and will feel more and more the presence of love I AM.

And Gaya will receive in your presence the great and beautiful load of energy of Light Photons from the Central Sun completing the cycle and restarting the intended star journey!

With gratitude we are peace and oneness, fire and the flow of the new time.

Keepers of 3rd Ray

(Channeled on May 17, 2019 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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Peace & Love are with You in Oneness

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The connection is made and reestablished. We are the source and for us the new world will be permeated; not the transformation of Gaia, but the access to the highest. Feel God in the heart; This state, moment, and oneness are the presence that will be the paths to followed by those who wish to be connected. Photons of light are dissipated and you feel the physical transformation in your heads and your bodies renew.

The key that opens the access doors is your heart; observe in silence the emanation; everything is about, is around, everything is. The expanding coronary receives the emitted waves providing access to divine purposes: accept, receive, and share. The way does not matter; It matters the sharing, the love. Yes and no have an ending.

We are emancipating teachings to the connected and concentric for all to regenerate. Only then you can heal the earth, your mother. Not only does it generate lives, it maintains them. Do not extract their furrows anymore. Feed them. Bring peace and love to her again.

The messiah is then between you, nature and resurrection. Endure the peace. Do not believe in what is not so as, of peace and of oneness. Nourish the faith and perseverance of the higher whole. What is above is like what is below and connects in all directions.

Light Codes: The 144 above connect today with their 1,000 worlds becoming 144,000 oneness rescuing themselves but ascended and fractal contacts.

Of blessing:


Of flame YHWH:


Of action and peace:


Let us salute the presence of God on the worlds in us and in its ascension; When time has come give thanks before His presence, kneel, for the humble in heart will walk beside the righteous and those who will carry the truth of opening the gates of the new and everlasting covenant.

From the God-above to the countless God-seed, may peace be made.

Love is with you!

Kutumi, Kuan Yin, Seraphis Bey, Metatron

(Channeled on April 09, 2019 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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Metatron: Be Present!

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Dear brethren,

Be present! This is a decisive moment for the anchoring of the Platinum-Gold Ray in your bodies. Be the light that you came to be, in the coexistence with the people, in your thoughts and feelings. Raise the vibration.

Discomfort is natural and necessary for a change to take place, so do not judge yourself and release those feelings and physical pain once and for all. Just accept and release them.

How beautiful and grand is the process you are living, my dear ones. We are one, one with Mother Earth, who counts on the help of each one of you for the New Era that has arrived. Each being is unique and important in this process.

Be present, vibrating in the now, in love, in gratitude and acceptance. Watch what comes out and let it go.

Gratitude for the dedication and effort of everyone. We are together in love, always, my brothers, we are loving and supporting you.

I AM Metraton

And may the light be present.

Make these statements a few times a day and breathe well:




So it is!

(Channeled on December 28, 2018 by Gabriella Bessa – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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Metatron: New Gaya

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Sound the resounding of the welcomed New Gaya. Times go by. And it happens in Gaia the shaking, calm your hearts and lift them to the portals of the universe. The chakras (energy wheels, intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial connection points) are aligned. What’s the sound that calls you? Feel and reverberate.

This collective connection and vibration of love is the ladder of love of the divine God of 72 names. Hear and proclaim! Feel the presence of the Christic-self that you are. Allow the arrival of those who will guide you to the new resplendence of Gaya. Believe in the presence of the God that you are and be the love and peace of the Christ that you’re awaiting for. Praising and being The God in His unique universal presence.

Receive our presence in light and sound along with you so that you can illuminate what still is felt in the darkness. Pray the love you feel for each other without judgment being the love that does not have the conditions to exist in you. Love that lights up the new Gaya so that she can perform her rite of passage and can also be fulfilled her universal designs.

Loved ones, we are the oneness and vital force. The put out heat of other-times. Feel and resonate the light today. Take a break and feel all the voluminous and infinite presence of the multiverse in you. The transmutation happens at this very moment. Feel the frequency and repeat the sound of this vibration in everything that is close to your physical body. The plantations born, in the minerals that arise, in the animals that in disorientation can be received in peace.

With Regenesis love and reverence I will always welcome and follow what comes in the holiness of the name of God.


(Channeled on December 8, 2018 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Sending of Metatronic Energy

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The Platinum-Gold Metatronic Stellar Energy Work consists of awakening the golden flame within the heart of each of us. The purpose of this work is to send to each being the real energy of the Golden Heart of God, which exists within each heart.

This energy comes to heal, liberate and transcend all aspects that today make up your body, mind and soul. That energy is signed with the divine seal of eternal love, bringing to itself the real manifest presence Here and Now.

Leave your full name and also the full name of the ones who have expressly authorized you to give their names out in the link below and free yourself(ves) right Here and right Now.

The transmission will be made every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Brasília time [BST]. May you all be vibrating love if you can not mentalize yourself(ves) receiving the energies at this time.

Click here to provide the names

Truth: Constant Presence

“Take a softly breath with yourself. Listen to the besting of your heart. Have this time on your own. I perceived the sky in a way I had never before; this way.

I looked at the clouds and they smiled at me.

I watched the sun and it shone like never before; welcoming and cherishing sun-rays;

The wind, soft breeze on the face;

The sea, revealed itself as plentiful;

The birds, being the meditative play;

Trees, and nature itself; constant truth;

Such appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness;

Thanks, you’re welcome; being nothingness. Nothingness in fullness, revealing the whole. All the nature, the natural, the whole; to all.

I smiled, I lived, and I was happy. I just was! I just flowed.

Embrace yourself, you ARE all the Universe. Listen to the beating of your heart and breathe softly with yourself: I perceived the world differently this way.

I just perceived.

Just me.


Saulo 🍃🌈