Ascension Flame work

“Today it is a great portal … today … it was chosen by spirituality to be a great solar portal of ascension. What does that mean? It means that all his attitudes, his decisions, his thoughts, his his intention – of intent + action – loving that today is better than yesterday, that tomorrow is better than today and that this love prevails.In this peace.In this benevolence.In this compassion.This universal cosmic brotherhood prevails over any.

Today’s portal has been open already since midnight and will continue its reverberation for some more time. Where we have been working on all the platinum portals of our star quadrant since the portal of 11/11 for us to double the energy flows of our stellar quadrant in the omega-rhythm of the wrist.What does this mean? The beginning of the new age.

This work of today with the flame of ascension comes to remind us who we are. That we stand firm in this faith, in that intention, in that strength so that we may be our own presence at work here and now. And let us resolve our issues now. And let us be more and more this love and compassion now.

I Am this invitation to you.

Namastê ”


The work will be broadcast live from 7:00 pm (Brasilia Time) on the Portal Platina channel on YouTube. Sign up and receive the broadcast start notification and have access to all the content made available there!

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