Message by the High Commissioner of Orion & Rigel

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Statement 1

“To those who work for the Light, those who are in the Light and those who desire the Light.

Dear companions of this orb, we have a fleet in your Sun. It begins today the frequency of low frequency and ultra-frequency solar rays. This modulation will be felt immediately and will result in the completion of coercive vibration sub-planar locations known allegorically as Abyss and sub-abyss, broadly vibrating solar coherence levels for the emanation of the 7th and 8th vibrations of the throne vibrations known as 2nd and 3rd solar rays, in fixation and coupling after the total settlement and precipitation of oneness”.

End of statement number 1.


Statement 2

“We have also begun processes of morphology modification of the terrains of six sub-orbs, moons, of your planetary system. Following the preparation of theses worlds to housing of dense shapes od cosmic Light, as it was done on his planet. The effects of our engineering will be soon noticed, being more pronounced in two solar cycles of your orb.

We let you know hence soon enough they will become protagonists in the evolution of these vital systems.”

End of statement number 2


(Channeled on April 16, 2019 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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