The Four Keys of Christ

Beloved brothers in light;

Earlier this evening, I was given four activations to open a new inner energy portal so you connect in love with your Christic rank. Among beautiful rainbow wing beats the majestic owl face was opened, through the golden light reflecting – the very face of Truth on its face.

1. The first activation takes place at the point of attention in a state of vigilance. In the context of the love of the Father, through prayer and watch, the first connection is made present. Something is not right at this moment on the duality of knowing to Be. In this state, the sacred point of Gaya is activated at its alpha point with the key: “I am the earth.” Everything and everyone comes from me. I come from everything and everyone.

2. The second activation takes place in the field of empirical knowledge about the liberation of Being. There is no longer the idea of being separated, but the Christ does not present himself. The mind still brings into being the formed conception of the Self, which still removes the unity of the sacred presence. It’s activated the Solar portal with the key: “I am one.” Fullness filters in me the non-two and forms the circle of sacred fire around the Presence that IS.

3. The third activation of the key of the cosmic Christ makes the remembrance of the ONE clear by activating its sacred heaven-earth connection point: the heart. The PX point is activated with the platinum reflection of the sun on the calm surface of the open and deep sea with the key: “I am loved, I love myself. I am love, I love.” I transcend the difference freeing myself from the need to be something and belonging somewhere. I am the journey and my heart is my home. The master emerges.”

4. In the fourth activation Christ proposes the fourth key: “I am the lotus and I open myself to the omega.” I am not afraid of death, nor of what is lacking; for I know that all Is the divine gift itself in action. The grace of life grants light and the unity Is the Presence itself in action. The brilliance of the Christ in benevolent love is available, as the air and the flash of heaven – to open every petal of his crown.

The keys serve as support in the meditative state to break the seals that will allow the opening of your dwelling.

Note: To enter the Kingdom, you must be in clean and free garments in the field. Start by growing your own roses.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” Rev 3:20

“[…] who opens, and no one will shut.” Rev 3:7

Meditate, love and recognize each other.

Saulo / Isaac / John

Omega Regenesis Platinum Portal and Joshua Portal in unity in the presence of the Being

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