Ashtar: Here and Now

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Like the light that irrigates the sun every day in its dawn; like the rain that washes our way every morning as it blossoms; as the earth radiates abundance to all beings that are here; as the whole truth shows here the overlapping reality of the values and pains that today flood their knowledge in question; how transparency stands out over what is still believed to be the truth; as the reality transposed in its totality is demonstrated every day that passes the truth that exists within each one of us; like the heart that pulsates the hard and spare beats still believing in each one; like the simple air that is breathed every second within itself; like the water that now wanders within each body; like every drop of blood that floods into your being; as each remaining cell demonstrates the truth contained in its codes transposed and imposed by yourselves, we are here the truth and the reality demonstrating in each act, in each truth, in each word, in each sentiment, in each action that overlaps inside today and now in your heart.

The reality created and recreated in each one shows itself here and now disposed to everything and everyone; the gaia light is active today and now; the differentiation of each is only still active because this reality (real + activity) is still present in duality (two) – separation from itself; the reality that is demonstrated are internal; the anxieties still found are internal; the peace that if so much seeks Is internal – everything is internally (intra); the recognition is given by the knowledge of the truth exposed in the heart of Gaia present in each being here and now.

Be here, stay here, show yourself here. We are at all times here and now – Galactic Stellar Command

Ashtar and Command

(Channeled on November 30, 2018 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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