Ashtar Sheran: Love at Work

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Greatings brethren Terrans,

It is natural this physical distress, due to the changes in your DNA.

It is the time to love and to respect yourselves, resting when necessary and being light and love in action, in every gesture, in every look at you and at your fellow human beings.

We are getting closer to you, even being seen by many skeptics.

Our ships are everywhere, collaborating with the new era on this beautiful planet called Earth.

We are One, my brethren!

Call us when you need us.

Drink more water and connect more.

The attacks to the lightworkers will be strong, but know that it makes them strong and the Creator himself at work.

There are no mistakes. There are no darkness and light!

There are pure oneness and collective awakening.

I Am Ashtar Sheran and I salute you!

May a crystalline energy run through all your bodies.

And so it is!

(Channeled on April 03, 2019 by Gabriella Bessa – Sangha Platina Solaris Channeling Group)

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