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Estação Flor do Alto orchard

Live a New Age, a new time, in a place of peace and harmony where the needs of the spirit and the experiencing of human being’s development, in all its dimensions, are essential. Live in a place totally dedicated to the integration of the physical, mental, emotional, material and spiritual aspects of the self in its natural state with nature, where you may live your own discovery and the consciousness expansion.  

This sublime place already has a name: Flor do Alto Station. With a privileged location, the project will be constructed in a 5 Acres (50,000 m²) area, in the Brazilian county Angical (Bahia). Angical is 40km far from Barreiras, an important agronomic pole in the Northeast which is connected to Brazil’s main cities through its airport. The entire physical construction involved in the Station’s materialization is ruled upon the Sacred Geometry, symbolizing the divine present in all Universe.  

The Station is being conceived and developed by a team of workers of Light of Sangha Platina Solaris who spread knowledge, love and the own being here. The region is already a true sacred space for an integration with the Whole: a place to live an alive life, based on friendship, companionship, well-being and spirituality. Live a good life for the body, mind, soul and spirit.  

Local snapshot

The project we are inviting you for will behold edified and cozy houses – called Community of Light. Besides the dwellings, there will also be an Ashram focused on self-knowledge and practices of the Being. In the future, these facilities will be used for meditation, yoga and retreats, promoting an intense connection between body and soul. Amongst the prominent spaces, there are: cafeteria, auditorium, temples, squares, pyramid and lakes. The place can also be used by those who would like to enjoy a sabbatical period. In the ashram, the facilitating dynamic will make it possible to exchange services for accommodation.  

Also, Flor do Alto Station will be composed by a Ranch, with a productive land which is already in full operation. The space is a reserved area for the community’s sustain, planting vegetables, legumes and orchards, and aims to make the eco-livelihood of the people who live there available and totally accessible. A 300,000-liter tank of water will help irrigate the soil surface, while animals, which will be raised with Love and respect, will offer raw materials such as milk and eggs. The Ranch is also responsible for an extremely relevant project: Living Pharmacy (Farmácia Viva), a plantation area for herbal medicines obtained from plant resources.   

Built with empathetic, inclusive and sensitive engineering, the main feature of the Flor do Alto Station will be – with great pride – sustainability. With a hybrid construction and a predominant use of natural materials, such as earth and wood, advanced and contemporary bioconstruction techniques will be used, such as rammed earth and bamboo laminate, aiming at the least possible impact on the environment and maintaining balance with nature. 

The natural resources available in the region will be applied, such as composting, rainwater harvesting, wetlands (sewage treatment) – so important to ensure sustainability – and a first world system in bio-renewable energies. We are facing a conscientious change of life, respecting nature and all forms of life in manifestation.  

A key point in this incredible journey of immersion in self-knowledge is the opportunity to be a part of welcoming and integrating with the local community. The Flor do Alto Station wishes to experience an exchange of experience with its people and so, cultural activities in accordance with the established purposes will be completely open and will be added to the range of activities offered by the Station, in addition to regional healers and prayers working alongside us. There will be also initiatives aimed at recycling, environmental education and water purification, our main source of life. A temple will be built exclusively to receive visitors and introduce them to the routine of the Luz Community. The temple will also have a parking lot for everyone’s convenience.  

Finally, if this space touches your heart and you want to make yourself available to be deeply engaged in this transformative journey, the project will have a beautiful volunteer program. In addition to helping behind the scenes at the Ashram (such as with cleaning, cooking, tidying, lodging, reception, gardening, or any service that may arise), the volunteers will have a schedule of daily activities such as workshops, courses and events. Their growth will be based on the experience of sharing, allowing the development of skills to live in group in a simple and harmonious way.  

Flor do Alto Station has room for you, in any way you feel in your heart. Allow yourself to live this experience, in a special place, anchored in energy, in friendship and in sharing joy, happiness and full awareness of the Being. It will be a daily experience in a haven of stunning nature, in which will take place a new concept of living an alive life never seen before. 

What is your intention?

Sangha Platina Solaris Community

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