Metatron: New Gaya

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Sound the resounding of the welcomed New Gaya. Times go by. And it happens in Gaia the shaking, calm your hearts and lift them to the portals of the universe. The chakras (energy wheels, intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial connection points) are aligned. What’s the sound that calls you? Feel and reverberate.

This collective connection and vibration of love is the ladder of love of the divine God of 72 names. Hear and proclaim! Feel the presence of the Christic-self that you are. Allow the arrival of those who will guide you to the new resplendence of Gaya. Believe in the presence of the God that you are and be the love and peace of the Christ that you’re awaiting for. Praising and being The God in His unique universal presence.

Receive our presence in light and sound along with you so that you can illuminate what still is felt in the darkness. Pray the love you feel for each other without judgment being the love that does not have the conditions to exist in you. Love that lights up the new Gaya so that she can perform her rite of passage and can also be fulfilled her universal designs.

Loved ones, we are the oneness and vital force. The put out heat of other-times. Feel and resonate the light today. Take a break and feel all the voluminous and infinite presence of the multiverse in you. The transmutation happens at this very moment. Feel the frequency and repeat the sound of this vibration in everything that is close to your physical body. The plantations born, in the minerals that arise, in the animals that in disorientation can be received in peace.

With Regenesis love and reverence I will always welcome and follow what comes in the holiness of the name of God.


(Channeled on December 8, 2018 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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