🇪🇸 Retiro de la Unidad: la Luz Suprema Presente

¡Del 23 al 28 de mayo de 2021 estará vivo en la presencia de todos los que se permitan ser la Luz en movimiento! En una asociación amorosa en este Camino Dorado, la Escuela de la Unidad y la Sangha Platina Solaris realizarán el Retiro de la Unidad: la Luz Presente Suprema, ¡un movimiento limpio y fluido en la constancia de la Creación!

Movimiento realizado por la Escuela de la Unidad en Brasil
Movimiento The Golden Walk en Brasil

El lugar elegido

Este “permítete” se llevará a cabo en la ciudad de Búzios, estado de Río de Janeiro, en la impresionante Reserva APA PAU BRASIL, bendecida por más de 10,000 hectáreas de bosque atlántico preservado y un impresionante paisaje oceánico.

Más información sobre su alojamiento aquí

Vista aérea del lugar. En la foto: Buzios Espiritualidade & Natureza Resort Caravelas, donde celebraremos esta reunión

En esta Reunión en la Unidad, tendremos la participación de personas de todo Brasil y del extranjero, ¡que están en camino de reconocer la Felicidad Plena que siempre ha estado presente! Una resignificación de lo que “siempre ha estado allí” espera su contemplación. ¡Un rico intercambio de amor, en profunda curación!

Facilitadores de este encuentro

  • Saulo, tutor de Sangha y director de The Golden Walk;
  • Mariana Mattos, fundadora de la Escuela de la Unidad y la Tierra de la Unidad;
  • Paulo De Lucca, creador de la Escuela de la Unidad y la Tierra de la Unidad;
  • Angelica Prema Dhyaan, ángel-flor de color dorado. Matriz Divina Criativa, cuidadora de la Unidad Sagrada de la Sangha.

Obtenga más información sobre Paulo y Mari en este enlace.

🌟 ¡Recibiremos invitados especiales que anunciaremos muy pronto!

Contenido de video

Más sobre el último retiro de Sangha en el siguiente video:

Más información sobre la Escuela de la Unidad & Tierra de la Unidad en el siguiente video:

Pre-reserva e información

Tenga en cuenta que tenemos un número limitado de aplicaciones que se agotan muy rápidamente. Todos los contactos se dirigen a Suely en Brasil.

🇧🇷 Suely + 55 22 99215-2313 👉🏻 http://bit.ly/falecomasuely

Message from Lady Rowena & Saint Germain

🇧🇷 Em Português

🇪🇸 En Español

Dear Brethren,

All you feel is the perception of energy recalibration. It brings you different sensations all the time. Just as it happens visibly in Gaia’s body, these constant and fast changes are the clear presence of the New Era.

These events will be increasingly present at different points, but we can be the great key to energy enhancement. Access the inner master. He is capturing the frequency that binds back to the heavenly consciential body.

Gaia feels resonating the strong, shocking sound of the vibration of galactic systems. Your vibrational suture points are with enhanced frequency and each of you can resonate with that vibration. Be silent and be observant. Awaken yourselves from this deep sleep of which for so many years you have been. Let us form this tuned era of divine dawn.

The love that has always united us is felt in you as well as in us. We are here in vigil and in love awaiting the exact moment of the amplitude and state of unity and presence of the I AM that we are. Violet transmutation and green expansion of terrestrial respirators on activation. The bridge of the becoming and wind announcing. End and beginning that happens here. Pray and feel the observations.

Lady Rowena & Saint Germain

(Channeled on December, 8 2018 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Message from Master Rowena & Mother Mary

🇧🇷 Em Português

🇪🇸 En Español

Beloved children, what is the doubt? Love is the path to the transmutation, the truth to the new earth, the life that will renew on the planet.

The planetary change is already happening. Rotations inverted and energies were increased. Your bodies perceive and find themselves in disorientation of the principles that were common to the planet. Let us be the light and may love and peace be traced within it. The divinities and interplanetary beings also experience this event and the beings who have made themselves available in this regard fulfill with determination the goal of expanding the sun-earth connection.

The ladder appears and the subtle people escort the journey of light. Be sure, the 5th dimension is a step. The step is energy increased in solaris connection. The merkabahs are in OM activation. Connect daily and through it connect to the center of your egregor and strengthen regenesis.

Repeat: I AM the I AM. Oneness is love in light and universal connection. We are here in service and always looking after you. The time and the moment is now. Listen and remain in protection of the beings of light that are next to you. Guard your energy in silence and watch so that you remain harmonized with the channel of light.

The planetary triad is formed by sunlight and the inverse platinum pole comes to you. The encounter between them generates the bluish vibrational halo that protects and opens the possibility of connection and construction of the stellar bridge. Meditate and project the violet light of transmutation throughout the planet. Saint Germain is with you the truth and the transmutation event of this planetary age.

We are the garment and the aid to the disconnected hearts. Continue the silent journey and in love.

Rowena / Mother Mary

(Channeled on November 30, 2018 by Bruno Munhoz – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Metatron: New Gaya

🇧🇷 Em Português

🇪🇸 En Español

Sound the resounding of the welcomed New Gaya. Times go by. And it happens in Gaia the shaking, calm your hearts and lift them to the portals of the universe. The chakras (energy wheels, intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial connection points) are aligned. What’s the sound that calls you? Feel and reverberate.

This collective connection and vibration of love is the ladder of love of the divine God of 72 names. Hear and proclaim! Feel the presence of the Christic-self that you are. Allow the arrival of those who will guide you to the new resplendence of Gaya. Believe in the presence of the God that you are and be the love and peace of the Christ that you’re awaiting for. Praising and being The God in His unique universal presence.

Receive our presence in light and sound along with you so that you can illuminate what still is felt in the darkness. Pray the love you feel for each other without judgment being the love that does not have the conditions to exist in you. Love that lights up the new Gaya so that she can perform her rite of passage and can also be fulfilled her universal designs.

Loved ones, we are the oneness and vital force. The put out heat of other-times. Feel and resonate the light today. Take a break and feel all the voluminous and infinite presence of the multiverse in you. The transmutation happens at this very moment. Feel the frequency and repeat the sound of this vibration in everything that is close to your physical body. The plantations born, in the minerals that arise, in the animals that in disorientation can be received in peace.

With Regenesis love and reverence I will always welcome and follow what comes in the holiness of the name of God.


(Channeled on December 8, 2018 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Message from Sananda

🇪🇸 En Español

🇧🇷 Em Português

Beloved brethren,

Let go of the fear and vibrations that bind your energy to the low standard.

The unity of universal love is necessary so that together we can enlarge the channels of light that will build the ladder of Jacob. Remember that you already recognize that there is no duality. Raise your vibrations and you will move into the 5th dimension. The tronic energy vibrates and resonates in you. We need a great activation. Let us be with Christlike peace. Light children, these are key and portal of divine love and vibrate in altered frequency in their DNA.

We are prepared to broaden the energizing and help them transmute. The heart of Gaia calls. Every action that is done beyond humanity is to mirror the universe at its new frequency. Feel it. We have always been who we are. We’re here.

Regenesis Or. Sananda Siryana

(Channeled on November 17, 2018 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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Message by Master Kutumi

🇧🇷 Em Português

🇪🇸 En Español

Now we are coming out of the mirror and the transmutation begins. Open the heart of the egregor. The light will enter and universal love will expand to prepare the beginning.

The points join towards the grand arrival. To the hearts, the presence of the greater sound. Let’s understand the prepartum. The end of an understanding of Gaia and the beginning of another dawn.

Let go and just be. Love will unite us.


(Channeled on November 9, 2018 by Joelma Barros – Sangha Platina Solaris Channelling Group)

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